web picks of the week- week 1.1

Since this post on college fashion I have been a slave to Evernote. I love it. While I’m very unorganized with it (updating links and tags stopped happened after a couple days of using it) but I’ll always save things that catch my eye on the internet onto it- style guides, pictures I like, gorgeous outfits on lookbook, and of course any cute pieces I see on the internet.

I love to internet shop, but I am much more of an internet browser. It’s way too easy to just take everything you want and put it into your basket without a second thought. So I tend to just save things onto Evernote and sometimes, if I really like something, I’ll go have a look in the shop and see how it looks in real life. I do sometimes buy things online though, though often I’ll see something I want and want it NOW. I never want to wait 4 days for postage!!

So this will hopefully be a regular post on my online fashion finds of the week. Some weeks there may be more than one post (like this week!!) but some weeks there may just be one of two little gems I've dicovered!! Now, I have to be honest, I’m normally not a fan of Polyvore. For some reason it just doesn’t work on most of my favourite UK websites (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look, River Island, Dorothy Perkins…) so I end up getting frustrated!! None of these are actually “looks” but they are simply a college of items I have been admiring today.
Miss Selfridge Collection

I love the silky, girly material of this black playsuit and the button details. I love playsuits for a nice change from dresses without looking too dressed up, but they’re a nightmare when you need the toilet!!

I have a huge crush on both these frilly crop tops. I never thought I’d see myself wanting a crop top past 1998 but fashion, like history, repeats itself!! I think they would look great with a high waisted black bandage skirt and pearls. I love anything nude and lace at the moment and these ticks all the boxes. I’ll probably see if they have the second one in Miss Selfridge before I buy it, but I reckon it’ll be hanging in my wardrobe in a few weeks!!

Okay for some reason Polyvore isn’t showing the information of all my items, so these boots are £50 from Miss Selfridge. Well, what do I have to say? They’re just gorgeous. I love these Victorian style lace up boots at the moment. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!! I’d wear them with skinny jeans and a lacey top, or with short shorts or a skirt.

As a lot of the tops here are quite similar I’ll skip over them to the jewellery. Not much to say really except that every girl should accessorise, and these give a perfect little touch!! I particularly love the ring, I love big cocktail rings- it would be perfect on its own to keep the outside simple and pulled together.

So that’s all the Miss Selfridge nudes I’ve found this week, next post will be their gorgeous floral collection!!

Charlotte xxx


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