so long, snow!!

I have to be honest, I’m very glad to see the back of the snow!! Here are a few photos taken when my garden was still snowy on Thursday.

There aren't as many photos are I'd have liked for several reason, one is that I got scared half way through and thought someone was in the house while I was frolicking about in the garden so I panicked and went back inside!! And the other is you may not be able to tell, but our garden is shared with lots of other houses on my road, there is some side fencing but you can basically walk about through other people's gardens and then fences are quite low, so I got a little self concious of someone watching me!!

But it was my first outing with my tripod which was pretty exciting!! But alas, all my photos are of me next to the same tree!! Let me know what you think!!

My coat is over 3 years old, but I decided I really needed a plain black coat so I dug it out and my mum sewed new buttons onto it for me, so it's back in action!! I love wearing a simple black coat with amazing tights!! I love these stripey ones, I've had them forever!!

Coat- TopShop, Belt- River Island, Scarf- River Island, Tights- Unknown, Wellies- Peacocks

Action shot!! I'm not actually touching the snow here- it's too cold!!

I think I really need some inspiration from other bloggers about how to stand on my photos- I may have to start making notes. I never seem to manage to look natural and not too posed, I always feel like i'm either trying too hard or not enough!! It isn't this hard to pose on photos when I'm on nights out!!

This was the only photo of my actual outfit I got before I got scared and ran inside!! Fortunately I have a lot of nice coats so I can often get away with an outfit looking good even under a coat. The dress reminds me of Sheens Mateiken's dress (the blogger who has worn the same dress every day for a year!!) so I always force myself to wear it in new ways- I could do with 7 copies too really!! I have a black top under it too just to keep warm, but it's very versatile for layering. Oh and as you can see, I like belts!! I originaly hated this dress for the way it hangs, but it looks great with a belt!! I also love New Look...

Dress- River Island, Cardigan- New Look, Black Top (just seen)- New Look, Belt- New Look, Pearls- TopShop, Tights- Unknown.

Ellen and I are going to go onto campus tomorrow to take some photos so hopefully there'll be another outfit post in a couple of days, if I can decided what to wear...

Let me know what you think!!




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