busy busy!!

So after a very busy week of moving back to university, handing in essays, exchanging Christmas presents, being ill, dance classes, nights out and subsequent naps to retrieve sleep time lost from said nights out, I’ve finally had time to sit down and write a post!!

I’ve barely had a chance to look at my favourite blogs this week let alone look around all the other blogs and sites I’ve been checking up on, so inspiration is at a lo this week. Particularly as we are still in inches of snow and slush and it’s just horrible. I did get a few photos out in my garden the other day though, but I’m still getting used to taking photos of myself and my tripod so they’re better, but not the best!! I’ve had dance classes nearly every night this week so I’ve barely been in anything but sweatpants by the time I’ve gotten home every day so I only have one outfit post coming up.

I also added a few more things to my …wall of inspiration!! I started it just before the end of last term. It’s basically a wall of articles and pieces and pictures that have inspired me and that I hope will inspire me. I’m definitely going to be scanning some pictures from my fashion books for on it. I love it and it’s looking great now!!

One side of my beautiful wall- that gorgeous Burberry model I have a huge crush on, lists and ideas ripped from magazines, outfit inspiration...

The other side- my giant poster of Brooklyn Bridge (New York is my favourite city in the world...but I've never been!!), postcards, an article on a cute baby Panda...

One of myall-time favourite Glamour shoots. I love the simplicty but the amazing style, the gorgeous setting, the beautiful model...everything about it is so effortless. And I fell in love with the £4,500 Louis Vuitton jacket on the far left. It costs three times as much as my car!!

An article ripped out on a magazine I found in the library. Fight Club in my all time favourite film. I know it inside out.

In case I run out of inspiration, an article on style blogging.

And a great little cut out I keep near my mirror for those days when I can't decide what to wear!!

I've got a few more posts written and ready to go up, so hopefully there will be a few updates over the next few days!!

Ellen and I are hitting campus tomorrow to take some photos, so watch this space!!

Charlotte xxx


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