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I have to admit, I love all the lists and compilations that have been popping up on the internet, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV over the past few weeks on the ‘noughies’. I love how much has changed in ten years, but I have to admit I really shouldn’t be surprised. Ten years is a long time, how much have I changed in tne years?

I particularly love the countdowns of fashion trends that have been, gone and stuck in the noughties. I don’t know where I’d be without my skinny jeans, belts on everything, bright coats, my timeless navy mac, leggings, pearls over everything, ballet flats, patterned tights, brogues, blazers and mary jane shoes. Alright, I can’t vouch for what I wore back in the year 2000 (and there were a few questionable fashion choices during my rebellious “punk rock” phase circa 2006- my pink hair is still a remnant of this) but I definitely think the noughties have been a decade of style.

I was really interested in Vogue UK’s list of 2009’s best dresses. While there are some I don’t particularly agree with (alright Beth Ditto is great but I don’t think her clothing line for Evan’s is particularly wearable if you’re not, well, Beth Ditto), I think the list is pretty accurate. I think Alexa Chung is fab, and she always looks gorgeous. I’m always inspired by her grungy yet put together style. And while my housemate things she looks like she needs a good wash and always wears the same thing (she has been wearing those shoe boots for a while now…) I think her style is totally wearable and accessible for those of us who don’t have those endless skinny legs.

Audrey Tatou is gorgeous and I thought she was amazing as Coco Chanel in Coco Before Chanel. She always looks so polished and put together, plus she just oozes European cool.

And SJP, what can I say? I lovelovelove her. I do think I love Carrie’s style a bit more than Sarah’s herself but I still think everything she wears looks great and she can pull anything off. I can’t understand people who don’t like her, she’s great. If I could look that good in my 40s I’ll start applying the anti-wrinkle cream now!!

Cheryl and Danni- I can’t have been the only one to tune into X Factor every Saturday just to see what they were wearing!! And while Cheryl may have had the edge, she is impossibly perfect and I admire Danni for still looking amazing beside the Nation’s sweetheart; I don’t envy any woman who has to stand next to Cheryl Cole every week!!

And finally, Emma Watson, well she’s just stunning isn’t she? After playing Hermione Granger for almost ten years Emma has become a fashion icon in her own right. I think she always looks incredible. And I hate her for it.

For the full list check out the Vogue website- http://www.vogue.co.uk/celebrity-photos/091218-best-dressed-celebrities-2009/gallery.aspx#

And a final note on Noughties fashion and style in Mimi Spencer’s column in the YOU magazine; a column I love so much that I make my mum save me every issue of the YOU magazine I miss while I’m at university. I felt her column this week really summed up a decade of fashion:


While there have been some trends I’ve loved (plaid shirts, ballet flats, lace, bright colours, masculine lines, sequins and shoulder pads), some that I’ve hated (Crocs *shudders*, tracksuits, leggings-as-pants) and some that took me a while to come round to (Ugg boots- I’m sorry they’re so comfy!!, skinny jeans, denim skirts, footless tights), I’ve really enjoyed the last ten years of fashion, and I can’t wait to see what 2010 has to bring.

Let’s hope it’s another great decade of fashion (and that everyone who owns Crocs sees the light!!)

Charlotte xxx


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