20 things I'm going to miss about England.

So this is it. I'm into that final week before I leave. Wow. How did I get here?
I managed not to cry too much on Sunday, I had a lovely day. Actually Monday was a fantastic day too, but I had a fair few tears. I guess you really realise on days like these how much you love the people close to you, and at the same time, you realise how much the people you love love you.
I guess I never really thought about how hard me leaving was going to be on my friends. I guess it seems kinda self-absorbed to think "oh god how is everyone going to cope without me?" but I don't think I ever thought about how hard they'd find it. One of my best friends wrote me a song which had me in flood when I listened back to it after they left.
I think it's really made me think about all the things I'm going to miss when I'm away. I know this isn't the cheeriest list in the world, but I have to accept that there are a lot of things I'm going to find hard to leave behind.
Maybe I'll follow this up with 20 Things I Can't Wait to Experience in America :]]

1. My huge family
I have a big family. My dad is one of eight. Yup. And it's been great because we've already had one big, fantastic, family wedding this summer and we have enough on Friday. I love having a big family. I think it's extra-special too because I'm an only child that I still have a huge family. We're all very close.

2. All my friends
My close group of friends at home are amazing. Some of us have been friends since we were eleven, some of the girls have been friends since they were four, and some of us became friends in the past few years, but we have a great time together. And I never thought coming to uni I'd find any friends as fantastic as them, but I have. My uni friends are amazing. I'm definitely going to miss living with them, spending every minute with them and doing everything from supermarket shopping to drinking endless hot drinks with them. My uni friends are my family. But I can't wait to come back and tell them everything at Christmas.

3. Selly Oak
For those of you who don't know, Selly Oak is the area of Birmingham where I, and pretty much all students at the University of Birmingham live. I just love it. Everyone lives 30 seconds away because its so concentrated, it has everything a student could need- takeaways, pubs, bars, supermarkets, cheap alcohol... it's just amazing. I'm going to miss the great little community there and having all my friends five minutes walk away.

4. My hairdresser
I had my hair cut and coloured for the last time for a long time yesterday. While I always hate my hair the first day after I've had it cut, I'm very worried about getting it done in America and it looking the same!! It takes a long time to get a good hairdresser so I'm nervous!! If anything goes wrong she's promised to sort it out at Christmas!!

5. Putting up the Christmas tree
My mum asked if I wanted to do it when I got back, but I get back mid-afternoon Christmas Eve so it isn't really plausible. I'm really going to miss doing all my Christmas shopping and getting everything ready at home. Sucks to have exams up until the 23rd December and getting home on Christmas Eve. I am going to be a jet-lagged mess on Christmas day, but at least I'll be at home.

6. The British High Street
Most people know that we do have one of the best high streets in the world. How am I going to cope without New Look, River Island, Primark, Miss Selfridge...? Badly, is the answer.

7, British Magazines
I love my magazines. A Lot. But I have just found I can get British Glamour delivered to my US address for £44 a year. Hmmm. I might just get a regular subscription to my home here (as it's £14 a year- £1 an issue!!) and get my parents to post it to me. I might not be in my flat after May and I don't want Glamour to sit alone, unread. And then I'd get post every month!!

8. Tea
I love a good cup of tea. Mmmm. I am going to have to take a supply of tea bags with me. Similarly...

9. British Food
Okay, British food is often remembered as grease on grease, but sometimes that is what you need. Nothing tastes better than chips and curry sauce after a few too many vodka-and-diet-cokes. Fish and chips is definitely food of the gods. As are roast potatoes. And fried egg sandwiches the morning after. Mmmm.

10. British Comedy
Green Wing, The Office, Michael McIntyre, Russell Brand, Love Actually. Nuff said.

11. My clothes
I've already started writing my list of what I'm taking with me. A lot of my adored clothes will be staying here. I'll miss them :[[[

12. Being able to drink
The observant of you will notice that I am twenty years old and the drinking age in America is 21. Bummer. I'm not 21 til March and while I'm not a massive drinker, I do like a nice evening in the pub or glass of wine with dinner or crazy night at Snobs, our favourite night club in Birmingham. But I'm looking forward to parties with red cups. And kegs.

13. Texting
My phone contract runs out on the 31st August so I will spend the next twelve months on a contract phone. Urgh!! I'm definitely going to miss constantly texting my friends. Even from the next room.

14. The North/ South Divide
Oh, we love it don't we? Bath/ Barth, lush vs. mint, "oh it's a Northern thing." We never get fed up on each other's accents and laughing at each other. I'm going to miss being away from people who laugh at me saying "t' pub".

15. My Books and DVDs
There are a lot of things I can't bring to America simple because I don't have space or weight in my suitcase. Including all my books and dvds. Sob.

16. Living in a house
I've loved living in a house this last year and I didn't really enjoy living in halls.While I am glad I'm going to be in halls because they'll be more of a social atmosphere and they'll look after me, I am going to miss living in a house with my friends.

17, The Great British Pound
I like the pound. It's going to take me a long time of saying "right so what is that in pounds?" and desperate calculations until I'll feel comfortable with the dollar. And all the money looks the same :[[[

18. Graduating with all my friends
When I get back from America, the majority of my friends will have graduated. I'm really sad I'm going to miss my final year of uni with all my friends, our ball and our graduation. I hate the thought of them not being there when I get back.

19. Being able to come home when I feel like it
Sometimes at uni things just get too much and I need my home comforts. I'm going to find it really hard not being able to just come home when I'm getting upset. I can't even ring home that much really because of the cost and the STUPID TIME DIFFERENCE.

20. Not having a time difference
Time differences are a bitch. Nuff said.



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