Who am I to judge?

Thank you to whoever left the anonymous comment on my blog yesterday, it really made me think. I am intrigued as to who you are though, but I think some things are better kept a secret :]]]
I was thinking about what I said yesterday about first impressions and I thought about developing it further and thinking about how I feel about people and how we all judge people. Because we all do it.
You judge the girl who works in the boutique who looks down her nose at you as you walk in. You judge the boy who works at the supermarket. You judge You judge the girl who always answers questions in class. You judge the girl with the black hair and the ring through her nose.
And these aren't even just negative judgements. They are just thinking you know someone before you've even met them.
We judge people on the way they look. The girl with the greasy hair and no makeup. The girl who tries too hard- fake tan, fake nails, bleached hair. We think we know them. We think we'd have nothing in common with the girl in the Mudvayne hoodie. We think we'd never have anything to say to the girl with the footballer boyfriend and blonde extensions.
We might be right, but we're probably wrong.
We judge people on their religions, their opinions, their beliefs. We judge people on their family, on their friends.
But the only think we should judge people on is their personality, their character.
But that is easier said than done.
If there is one thing I aim to do when I go to America it is to be less judgemental. Not presume that I know people based on their music tastes or beliefs. I will get to know every single person that I meet. And I know that I won't get on with everyone. But at least I won't miss out of meeting my best friend just because she doesn't think Fight Club is the best film ever (it totally is!!) or because they wear leggings as pants ( my pet hate!!)
People are more than just one thing about them. And I will remember to keep an open mind.
Here's to meeting new, and different people.
Because we aren't all the same in the world, and that's what makes the world interesting



  1. aaahh yes.. here's to meeting new people! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. yes we're all different, and we shouldn't judge, i think it's right we all make an effort not to judge people x

  3. Going to America is the perfect time to be less judgemental:)
    That said leggings as trousers= so not cool :)

  4. America is terribly judgmental, I'm ashamed to say.


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