Love, Lust & Links

I'm not sure if this is last sunday's post, late, or next sunday's post early. But no matter :]]
Here is what I'm loving, lusting after and reading this week.

1. Pandas

Not gunna lie, I love pandas. They're probably my favourite animal. And I love all the daft things you can buy with pandas on at the moment. Talking of which...

2. Panda-wear

I almost bought this hat last winter, but I finally bought it on Tuesday. LOOKATHTECUTELITTLEPANDA!! I also managed to get some panda gloves. Cute :]]

3. Friends

I had an amazing time on Sunday. Here's to old friends, recent friends and to the new friends I plan to meet on my journey.

4. Warm clothes

Mmm so warm and snuggly!! I'm already looking forward to wearing my jumpers, thick tights and aviator jacket. I love autumn trends and autumnal weather. Although I bet come December  won't be quite so enthusiastic!!

5. Henry Holland's next range for Debenhams

How adorable is this cape?! I'm loving tartan right now. Have a sneaky peek here.

6. Modcloth

Ahh how beautiful is this coat? I am so excited to finally be in America to shop at Modcloth. I contacted them the other day about going for Blogger of the Moment and they said they'll bear me in mind for the future- fingers crossed!!

7. Fantastic, Inspiring links.
Need some inspiration? Or just want to learn something new? Have a look at these great links-
Accessing your Inner Guidance
Balancing work and life
7 ways to travel the road to your passion
Ten lessons from the Classroom of Life

8. Language advice for my year abroad
Fantastic article here.

9. H&M
They're lowering their prices, starting online next month and now they're opening one in my home town- yay!!

10. England

I'm into my last week in the UK now and I've already listed everything I'm going to miss so now all I have to do is enjoy my last few days in the beautiful country which I call my home.

What are you loving this week?



  1. I hope your are having a good time on your last few days at home!!! I just read about h&m lowering prices so excited about that now that i have one closer to me!!!

  2. I love these lists! Good luck with your move miss.


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