A Study in Scarlet

These photos were meant to go up yesterday but my laptop and I had a bit of a falling out so I shut it down and didn't touch it all evening, and rubbed salt in the wounds by using the other laptop. Take that, laptop!!

I almost called this post "A Study in Charlotte" but I decided it was a little too self absorbed. The title is because I never, ever, ever wear red. I went for about 3 or 4 years without buying one red item of clothing for the simple fact that it clashes with my hair. But last Christmas I fell in love with a gorgeous red party dress and decided it was time to end the feud with red. Especially as it's massive this season and it's pretty :]] I've gone mad for long, bright, belted cardigans- I have 4 or 5 now like this. They're very light so they'll be great for a few months now but probably not long after that!!

So these photos were taken at Bramhall Park which is about a 2 minute walk from my house. It's one of those places that is absolutely beautiful and round the corner, but you never seem to appreciate it because it's so close by. I walked past to go collect my bra which I had left in the beauty salon after my spray tan (massive embarrassing!!) and because it was quiet I thought I'd go get my tripod and take some photos.

It is a really beautiful park though and a really beautiful hall. I forget how lovely and green England is, and as much as I moan about it, I do love England. Where I live is really lovely.

We even have stocks!! I would've loved a photo in these!!

I don't know who did these little paintings but they were super cute and I had to get a photo!!

And my pitiful attempt at being a photographer!! I'd love an opportunity to get more involved in photography. Starting this blog has really made me want to learn- as I've realised how bad I am!! I really wanted to eat these berries!! My dad found some in the garden the other day but I couldn't bring myself to eat them in case I got ill. I know, where is my sense of childhood experimentation?

I get incredibly embarrassed taking outfit photos myself in public though. I just feel so stupid!! I only managed to take a few photos in the end, but I had a nice time just walking round and then I sat down with my book and read on a bench for a while. It was a nice afternoon :]]

So there isn't long left now. Less than a week. This time next week I'll be in my hotel in Duluth, waiting for Lauren's flight to come in. How terrifying!! I've just been reading Natalie's blog; she's on my course and also lives right near me. She's been in Mississippi about a week now and I got really excited reading her blog!! I'm sad to be going but I'm definitely ready to go now!! It's just come so fast!!

playsuit- primark cardigan- ebay belt- pilot (from another dress) boots- very.com necklace- accessorize

Here is a picture of my necklace because you can't really see it. It was a leaving present from my friend Eve and it's pretty :]]

Today I am finishing off articles and meeting my friend for lunch. I was meant to be meeting my mum's journalist friend today but he can't make it so I'm going to sort out my CV and continue to panic about whether all my clothes will fit into my cases. I have written out my list of everything I need to take. I mean need. Bare minimum. I don't know how I'll cope if everything doesn't fit!! 

And tomorrow is my cousin's wedding!! I still can't believe he's getting married!! I'm excited though. It should be a good day and it'll allow me to see my family one last time before I go. Ooh that reminds me!! I need to show you my party cake!!

Isn't it amazing? It was yummy too!!

Right I'd better get going or else I'll be late!! There won't be an update tomorrow because I have the wedding but hopefully I'll be about on Saturday.
Have a lovely day :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. You must be so exicted! It sounds like such an amazing experience. Love the playsuit btw.

    L x

  2. great pictures and I love your outfit!


  3. Love your hair! Don't worry, you rock the red. I hyped it. :)

    I had blue hair at one point and I completely stopped wearing blues and greens because it was overwhelming. They're slowly and begrudgingly coming back into my wardrobe these days.

    Bramhall Park looks amazingly beautiful.

    (P.S. In Kansas, we call those mulberries. :P)

  4. That cake is so adorable and I love your red sweater. i hardly ever wear red, I'm not sure why- I had a red dress gala last year and ended up not going because I couldn't find a red dress in time...

  5. i love your red cardigan!!! i need to find one like that!!!! the dress looks super cute and i really love your boots!!

  6. Love your boots! Great outfit.


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