2 weeks to go.

Okay, first post at blogger.
I'm kinda nervous.
Does this mean I'm really moving?
I guess so.
But there's still a bit of a way to go yet.
What do you think of my new place?

So originally I'd planned to start a new year abroad blog, but I've decided to just mix it in with my existing blog rather than running the risk of no-one reading either. I'm hoping my current readers will be interested in what I'm going to be up to in Minnesota, and I also hope the readers of my old blog will follow me here.

So I have two weeks left in the country. It's kind of starting to hit me. Ish.
I've got a few more things to sort out, but I'm getting there now.
I just can't believe it's come so fast.

Packing is going to be a nightmare. I hate packing. And it's even harder with a luggage allowance.
I have an idea of the sort of things I need but I know I'll be pining for everything I'm going to miss behind.

There are a lot of things I'm going to miss about going away.
My parents, my beautiful friends, my life at university.
And daft things; people taking the mick out my inherent northerness ("that's what I wotted."), my job, all the clothes I won't be able to wear.
Fish and Chips.
Cadbury's chocolate.
New Look. Primark.
The NHS.
I guess you only start to realise all the great things you have when you're about the leave them behind.
I don't think I ever really thought about the culture shock. It's only America, right?
But I'm born and bred in England. I'm a real English girl, and proud.
But there are a lot of things that are going to be different.
Living with different people, people from different backgrounds, a different way of life, a different learning style.
A lot of changes.
And I'm not great with change.

But I am excited.
I want to try new things, meet new people.
I love my friends and I love my life. I'm comfortable.
But maybe you have to change things. Maybe comfort isn't a bad thing.
I hope I learn a lot.
Part of me hopes that nothing changes too much.
The other half hopes it is completely different.

Thank you for following me to my new blog.
I hope you enjoy it.



  1. HELLO! Have fun on blogger- I'll be sure to update my link list

  2. I've lived in Scotland, Wales, and now America. Every place has it's bright sides. The ice cream here is great. Granted America doesn't usually have Cadburys but there some stores that have it in with the international food, don't bother with Hersey's it's not the same.

    If you every end up on the East Coast near Connecticut, I'd love to show you around.


  3. Welcome to blogger! I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented. Good luck packing, I know it can be a challenge. and if it's any comfort.. there might be slightly differnet packaging, but we do have Cadbury's here :).

  4. :D caaaaakkkkeeeessssss nom. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. oh no i didn't mean for that to be anonymous :( it's steph...xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Welcome to blogger :) Glad you got it all sorted.

    L x
    Half Dressed


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