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Well hello there!! Sorry I've been a bit quite the past few days!! I worked on Sunday and Monday and then I had a great day with my mum on Tuesday. We went to see my Grandparents which was lovely and then walked into the local village which is lovely for a spot of book-shopping and lunch!! Lunch was amazing- I had a butternut squash and goat's cheese quesadilla and we shared an eton mess. mmmm :]]] Book shopping was equally amazing. My mum treated me to Imperial Bedrooms which I haven't started yet, but I've heard it's very disturbing so I hope Bret is true to his usual form!! When I've read this I will have read all seven of his books- yay. I also, I have no idea how!! managed to get the Teen Vogue Guide to Careers In Fashion from her, even though I insisted she just remember it at Christmas. I've wanted it for ages since seeing it on amazon and instantly adding it to my wish list!! I've only read a bit so far but there's a decent chapter on fashion writing and editing so I'm very excited to get reading it!! I also showed her the £30 fashion book I want for Christmas!! I think I'd just like fashion books this year!!

dress- courtesy of siobhan mckenzie tight- top shop boots- office jacket- h&m

This fabulous dress, and the other which will be on some of the photos later in the post, was personally tailored and sent to me by Siobhan Mackenzie. We've been corresponding for a while and she chose these two dresses for me and tailored them especially for me. They're both absolutely gorgeous and made so beautifully. I'm writing a piece on her for Student Fashion Blog so watch this space- I'll pop the link up when it's posted up, which should be sometime today or tomorrow. The dresses are both gorgeous quality and fit (although do not wear either after eating- the food baby look is majorly not cool in such a fitted dress!!) and I love the beautiful lining of the Ziggy Mini Dress. They're both perfect for day or night, but unfortunately I had nowhere to go in my Ziggy dress!! Thank you so much Siobhan!! Please go check out her site!!

Speaking of writing, the second part of my 20 Classic Pieces is up at College Fashion so you should go check that out!! I've also just finished my now-fifth piece for The Fashion Buzz. I am absolutely loving all this writing, it's such great experience!! I've also just written another piece for the local magazine that I'm writing for. It was based on one of the interviews I did back in May but the lady who I interviewed sadly lost her battle with cancer last month, so it was an emotional piece to write. Apparently I made my editor cry, hopefully in a good way!!

dress- courtesy of Siobhan McKenzie shoe boots- charity shop earrings- gift

I seem to have so much to sort out for my year abroad. First stop, health insurance!! I was reading through all the International Students information last night and it's all so much to take in!! I feel more excited now after reading it all. It's all starting to feel real but there was lots of advice for international students that I found really helpful. I also got really excited reading about all the different student groups at the university. I'm definitely going to get involved in the newspaper and definitely dance, but I might get back into theatre and there's a literature discussion group that I think I'd love. Is it bad I saved the link about being a cheerleader? Oh come on, it's every girl's dream!! No-one really cheerleads in this country, well they do but it isn't as much as a big deal. Oh it looks so fun!!

Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day but I managed to get quite a lot done in the end. I wasn't sure if I was working so I sort of spent the day waiting to see if I was going to get a phonecall so ergo I spent the whole day in the house. Like I said though I got the article written for my local magazine and got these photos taken (the ones in the black skeleton dress were taken on Tuesday) and watched Masterchef. My plan for today was to get the piece written for Student Fashion Blog, which I've done, write my next article for The Fashion Buzz, which I've done, and update my blog, which I'm doing so I might spend the rest of the morning reading and drinking cups of tea!! I'm meeting my best friend Shaunagh at 2.30 before I have work at 5- I haven't seen her in about 4 months so I'm really excited to see her for coffee and a girly catch up!! Then I have work 5 until 10 but I don't think it'll be too bad tonight.

the lovely lining of the ziggy mini-dress

But tomorrow is exciting Friday!! I'm going to Alton Towers tomorrow!! It's going to be crazy busy and I don't think we'll get on many rides but we went for my birthday a few months ago so I don't mind if we don't get on everything (even though I am a massive rollercoaster junkie. Massive. I will go on anything. And not hold on.) especially because we're going for free because one of my best friends works there (HI ED!!) And then I think we're having a sleepover at my other best friend's which should be great fun!! And then I think I'm working a lot next week but it'll be nice to get the money together for going away- especially as everything is looking like it's going to be crazy expensive!! I do plan on going to Birmingham on one of my days off next week to see one of my best friends Briony and say goodbye to my favourite city for a while :[[

Well it's 11am- I think that's time for a cup of tea!! I'll probably squeeze a post in on Sunday- sorry I'm so busy!!

Have a fantastic Thursday!!

Charlotte xxx


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