Time for Tartan

Flipping heck, I get back from a week away and Autumn is well and truly here! Honest truth? I'm kinda glad. I was getting a bit sick of the uncovered flesh of summer and ready for the shapeless warmth of winter. Anyway, I'm back! My holiday was absolutely lovely and exactly what I needed. A proper break. I am notoriously bad at relaxing and it took me a few days to get out of the habit of "What are we doing? Where are we going? Where are we going for dinner? What are we doing tonight?" but by about Wednesday, I started to chill out. We went on lots of long walks, had lots of drinks in bars overlooking the sea and I read three books. It was lovely. I also completely and utterly disconnected from the online world. It's fair to say that I am a real online addict (duh), and usually when I'm on holiday I'm always looking for free wifi to catch up with the world back home. This time, I didn't even take my phone off Airplane mode. No texts, no calls, no emails, no Tweets, no Facebook, nothing. The world doesn't need to see Instagram snaps of every cocktail, tweets about every mosquito bite or updates of every seascape. I took a few photos of things I wanted to photograph, instead of just photographing for my blog. All in all, it was exactly what I needed. A good relaxing break for someone who can't relax. 
jeans- Topshop (Leigh)
tartan shirt- Motel via eBay
unicorn jumper- ASOS
boots- Cowboy Boot Store in Nashville, Tennessee
leather jacket- H&M
lipstick- Revlon Matte Really Red
Unfortunately I am now back in the real world. Including going back to running four times a week and accepting that frozen yoghurt and chips does not constitute dinner (oh holidays). When you workout six times a week it's easy to think that you can eat whatever you want as a result. Unfortunately, you can't. We just bought a George Foreman grill and I'm excited to make grilled vegetable salads for work and grilled fish for dinner. I'm also working on getting towards my 10K now. I'm can run for 4 miles now, and I plan to increase 0.5 miles every 2 weeks or so to get to 6 miles in the next few weeks. I'm also considering, once I get to the 10K point, starting training for a half marathon next year (it was the Great North Run today and I know a few people who did it, so I'd love to sign up for next year). When it gets to the winter though, I'm going to cut my running to the weekends (Saturday 5K Park run and a long run Sunday) and just do workout DVDs in the week (I've been combining levels 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred for an hour-long workout on non-running days and I have enough JM DVDs to keep my quiet), and I'm asking for Insanity for Christmas because I've wanted to try it for ages. I think it's gonna kick my bum!
Oh right, yeah. I'm wearing a jumper with a unicorn on. I don't think we need to justify that, do we? This outfit is pretty much what I expect to be living in throughout the winter. Shirt, jumper, jeans, boots. In fact, that outfit is basically this outfit, but with a unicorn jumper. I am no so original. But, any excuse to wear tartan, right? I've already added a new tartan scarf, another tartan dress and tartan pencil skirt to my tartan repertoire. Tartan haters, you're not going to enjoy my blog over the next few months.
I have a few outfit posts left to go up that constitute the last of my "summer" outfits, but then it's knitwear and boots all the way until March!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Charlotte x


  1. Your vacation sounds like it was wonderful. I have a hard time relaxing too, so I definitely understand.
    But anyway, I absolutely love how you wore a unicorn sweater over a plaid shirt. Such a cool pairing! Your leather jacket looks awesome on you too. What a cute outfit!

  2. I like your tartan shirt, your holiday sounds great! sometimes it good to have a break from the online world x

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the contrast in this outfit and the edgy details!

  4. Tartan haters? Who hates tartan?!? Impossible! ;)

  5. Lovely outfit miss :) amazing that you could switch off so easily!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. I have no tartan in wardrobe and think I want a piece. Not sure whether skirt or shirt. Decisions decisions

    You look great,holiday always a good thing

  7. glad you enjoyed your time away - you deserved it! who cares if it's only halfway through september, tartan is always cute;) feel free to post as much tartan as possible!

    lily x

  8. Unicorn style! cool. I m also very happy to custom an original unicorn tee for myself. love the tee. have a try for Cheap Custom t shirt http://www.hicustom.com


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