Can we take a ride? Get out of this place while we still have time.

It makes me a little bit sad that this time just over a week ago I was wearing this dress with bare legs and converse as I walked past scenic beaches on the beautiful Costa Blanca (I wore this dress more times more than I care to admit on holiday because it had sleeves. And because on Day One of being in Spain this pasty English girl got burned to bits. Moral of the story, sun cream guys!). However, you know what makes being back in chilly England much more bearable  A big, thick tartan scarf. Now, honest truth, there is a distinct lack of purple in my wardrobe, and actually anywhere in my life. I've come to realise lately it's because I really just don't like purple. I like pink, I like blue, I like red. But purple is not pink, nor red, not blue. And I don't know, we've just never gotten along (sorry, Marie Schrader). But I do love this little Warehouse number, and couldn't resist pairing it with my favour colour, red. And man, oh man do I love tartan. I tried on a gorgeous tartan, faux leather and faux fur (all my favourite things!) coat in Primark today and almost cried when I realised how absolutely awful it looked on me. Anyway, I digress. I don't think I've paired tartan and floral before, but I hoped the blue and red of the scarf would work with the purple of the dress. I am on the fence about these boots. I bought them as "my new winter boots that I will wear with everything ever ever" and then wasn't 100% sure when they actually came. And then couldn't decided whether to send them back or not so I kept them. I do like them but I just worry they make my legs look extra stumpy. Seriously, short leg problems. It's way too late to send them back now so I'll probably just keep wearing them and just keep moaning about my stumpy legs. Sorry.
dress- c/o Warehouse
scarf- ASOS
boots- Miss Guided
leather jacket- H&M
lipstick- Revlon Matte 'Really Red'
So Saturday has been productive. I snapped these photos, went to the doctors, bought some bits from Boots and some DVDs from HMV, had my fringe trimmed, booked a cut and colour, updated my iPhone to iOS 7, ordered a new rail card, made carrot and lentil soup and wrote my December (!) column for Duluth Superior Magazine. Don't worry, I am totally having a nap now! Tonight we're going out for a curry with my auntie, uncle and my cousin and tomorrow is my 10K. I am absolutely bricking it and now starting to have a bit of a meltdown and thinking that I really cannot do this and I am a total idiot for signing up! I hope I feel a bit more calm tomorrow!
I'll let you know how it goes!
Have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. I am in love with that dress Miss! :) Looks great on you. I guess you're currently running your 10k as I write this... from my bed, in my PJs, drinking tea... You win at Sunday!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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