Sleep is for the Week

See, look, I did get a tan on holiday!
This dress. It's too big. It's too long. But I love it. It's tartan. And I can wear it for work. I fell in love with it in an email from Tesco that I think was actually to advertise coats. I knew I had to have it. I always have a problem with things from Clothing at Tesco being too long though. My favourite little black dress from there is a petite, but this one didn't come in petite. And the model was 5' 11". But I couldn't resist. It just needs heels! I wore this for work on Friday and then wore it for dinner Friday night (and Saturday night, ahem), with my new little Tesco boots that arrived when I got home from work on Friday. Also, I apologise that these photos are weirdly edited and a bit wonky. My level must have been completely off when I took them and they were reeeally diagonal, and then I had a few problems editing them after I'd faffed around transforming them. Anyway.
dress- Clothing at Tesco
heels- Marks and Spencers
blazer- Zara
My original plan for tonight was to post my How to Be A Morning Runner post but I decided to do a fashiony post for a few reasons. One is that I have about five lots of outfit photos that I need to post, two is that I didn't want two running posts in a row, and three, I wanted to see if you guys had any questions about working out in the morning before I wrote the post. I posed the question on Twitter and Instagram yesterday and got a few responses, so I want to know, what do you want to know about being a crazy person who gets up at 5am to go for a run? I know I googled "how to work out in the morning" about half a dozen times before I did it for the first time, I had so many questions! I hope I have already planned to address most of them but I'd love to know if there are any I might have missed.
Also, on a running note, thank you to each and everyone one of you who commented on my last post about my 10K, or left me a tweet or a comment of some kind. It was a huge thing for me and I want to thank you all for supporting me all through my journey. And an extra "thank you!" to everyone who says I have inspired them to get running. You have no idea how much that means to me! Believe me, if I can do it, so can you! I've also signed up for a half marathon in March, and another 10K in November. I am absolutely terrified about my half marathon but I know I've come this far and that I can totally do it, so thank you to all of you who always support me!
Well my to-do list for tonight ends with "early night" so I think sounds like a good idea. The irony of planning my morning exercise post was that I got up this morning at 5am, turned off my alarm and... got back into bed! My excuse was that I hurt myself on my run on Wednesday and decided to have a break, but tomorrow I want to get up and do a Jillian Michaels DVD (I'm thinking No More Trouble Zones) so I'm back in the exercise zone for Park run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. I've been so tired since my 10K!
Anyway, I'm rewatching this week's Breaking Bad in preparation for next week's finale (I'm in denial) and then I'm off to bed. First tip of becoming a morning runner- bed at 9.30pm!

Charlotte x


  1. I don't think this dress looks too long on you at all. Maybe a little longer than your usual hem line, but it still hits above your knees so it's not frumpy! I think it looks awesome on you. Plus it's work appropriate! You look wonderful!

  2. I LOVE THIS DRESS. If you're worried about it being too long, get some of that iron on hem tape and take it up a few inches. Easy peasy :)

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Ah what a brilliant idea! Thank you!

    Charlotte x


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