Popchips Love and More Working Lunches

I am a snacker. A grazer. One of those people who has to eat every couple of hours. I used to really fight against it and get incredibly frustrated that I was hungry all the time, but I've come to accept it. And as a result, I always have a bag full of snacks for a day of work- one in the morning, one with lunch and one in the afternoon. My snacks of choice are usually fruit, nuts and cereal bars but when I received a box of Popchips I was excited to add them to the mix. I'd actually had Popchips before (as you know I'm a huge Jillian Michaels fan and she's one of their sponsors) and loved them, but they're not that readily available in the UK (I've only ever seen them in Boots and Waitrose). So what's the big deal? Here's what they say...
Sounds good, right? They're a great snack for when you want something salty and crispy without the fat of crisps. They're also absolutely delicious and come in a variety of flavours (I like the salt and pepper flavour best!). I've been eating them in the evening when I fancy some crisps, as an afternoon snack at the weekends, and also bringing them to work. So, here are some more of my working lunches (with a few bags of Popchips thrown in!)...
Halloumi, roasted vegetable and sundried tomato salad, a cereal bar, popchips and an apple

Feta, avocado, chickpea and tomato salad, apple, cereal bar and Popchips
falafel, tzatki and tomato salad, apple, cheeestring
tuna, egg and tomato salad, cereal bar, almonds and apple

I'm always looking for inspiration for my work lunches. What do you take for work?

Charlotte x


  1. If you could start up a lunch making business and send me delicious salads to work, I'd be much appreciated :P We have an amazing canteen at Mulberry so it becomes hard to resist their grub over my wilted salad from home a lot of the time. My biggest tip (to myself) is to bring no money and tell the canteen girls to not allow me a tab! When I am being good though, I sometimes make up a tuna/salad wholemeal pitta and make sure I drink so much water that I need to pee every hour... these Popchips do sound nice though and I might pick some up when I go to Boots next :) X

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