Workwear 15 for 15: Days 5-9

So I managed the second week of my workwear 15 for 15 (if you missed last week's outfits, go here. If you're wondering what the heck a workwear 15 for 15 is, go here). I'm not sure how I'm going to go one more week! It's definitely been a bit more of a challenge this week but I managed to stick to it, despite having to co-ordinate outfits for meetings, work nights out and the morning after the night before! Here's what I've been wearing this week...

Day 5
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
(note to self, white balance is your friend)
I had a big meeting on Monday afternoon so I decided to go for black and white formal. I went for a polka dot shirt for a bit of interest (and also because I didn't want to commit to my white-shirt-black-trousers-standard-meeting-outfit this early in the challenge!). I actually really like this and think it's much nicer than my standard meeting wear with the polka dots just adding a little something extra.

Day Six
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
We had our end of year night out on Tuesday so I wanted to wear something a little dressy for work. Enter my new favourite dress. I would have preferred a different jacket but that would have meant breaking my self-imposed rules so I went for my long black blazer. I kinda wish I'd gone sans-jacket but I just don't really like my arms! I also ended up switching into my heels later on because Kris was wearing hers!

Day Seven
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
After a late night on Tuesday I did not want to get out of bed on Wednesday morning! I stayed in bed as long as possible before throwing my hair into a messy bun and pulling together this outfit. It's actually one of my favourites of the week. I absolutely love this shirt!

Day Eight
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
I've never worn my maroon skirt and blazer as a suit before (it's not actually a suit, they're just very similar in colour!), but I really like this look, again with my polka dot shirt (honest truth- my white one needed ironing and I hate ironing!). I'm definitely going to be adding this outfit to my workwear rotation.

Day Nine
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
Mmm this outfit is kind of a mish-mash. And seriously, let's not even talk about my hair! I guess I kind of like this. I like the skirt and shirt combo, but I didn't want to wear my maroon skirt and blazer two days in a row so I went for the black jacket. This is definitely a combination I wouldn't have put together before the challenge anyway!

This week has definitely been more of a challenge than the previous week, and I'm a little apprehensive about still having 6 outfits left! But I only have one meeting this week to cater for, and I still have three of my 15 items unworn (beige skirt, mustard skirt and mustard blazer) and loads more outfit ideas up my sleeve! Taking photos before work has been a challenge (and sometimes there are sofas in the way, or jacket hanging over the side of pictures that have to be smudge-tooled out, and sometimes you just have a really really bad hair day- see day 9), but I have done it, which just goes to show I have no excuses!

I'm really enjoying this challenge so far! It's definitely pushing me to be more creative with what I wear to work and to stop falling back on the same outfits.

Hope your weekend has been lovely. Mine has been absolutely wonderful but I'll update you on that in the week!

Charlotte x


  1. I LOVE your work outfits, you are dressing better and better (I started reading your blog like a year ago). I have been loving this evolution :) You have always dressed well, but now you are so put-together and so super chic, I love it.

  2. Really like seeing all the weeks item in one post. I get to see, easily, how you change your hairstyle. I focus mostly on your clothes, previously, but under this format, the hairstyle switches also show up on my radar.

    I realize I need a polka dot shirt. I really do. I'm going to keep my eyes open for one. I also love that burgundy outfit.

    Must be tough sticking to a capsule, but I can see why you are doing it. Learning new ways to utilize items, wonderful!

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