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Whoops had a little bit of an accidental blogging break there didn't I? I don't even know what happened! I had a really busy weekend last weekend and then I'd been exhausted all week so hadn't had a chance to take photos in the morning and before I knew it I hadn't posted for over a week! BUT as a result of this I have a strict blogging schedule set up for the next few weeks and a couple of great posts coming up. Anyway, onto today, or more accurately, yesterday. A few weeks ago I absolutely fell in love with this galaxy skirt from Elizabeth's remix post. I love how versatile it was and absolutely had to have it. The downside? It was from Modcloth (hello, expensive shipping) and it was out of stock in my size. I hunted high and low for a similar skirt and repeatedly requested that Modcloth restocked the skirt, and then one fateful day there was one size small back in stock. It was fate! So I placed an order,  (along with the Atrium Introductions dress which I am wearing today and will blog next week), paid the $20 shipping (eek!) and waited. And waited. And waited. And then finally 3 weeks later my dad told me I had a package to collect. With £30 of customs fees. After already paying $20 postage, that was really rubbing salt in the wounds. Take heed, Brits! But fortunately, I absolutely loved both items and I plan to wear them lots to get that cost per wear ratio down! Starting with this day-to-night galaxy skirt remix.
skirt- Modcloth
jumper- Forever 21
boots- New Look
necklace- ASOS
I decided to wear this skirt for both my day and evening activities yesterday. I kept my day look very simple with just a soft black jumper, tights and boots, with straight hair and red lips. I really don't like my hair straight anymore, but I knew I wanted to wash my hair in the morning after my workout and curl it for the evening, so straight hair was my only option. I've also started to go with red lips and an eyeliner flick as my standard Saturday face. I get too stressed out reapplying lipstick while I'm at work, so I save a red lip for the weekend. I also thought it would be fun to have different hair and makeup for each of the looks too. I didn't really think these boots were quite right for this outfit but I didn't have an alternative. Yesterday my Dad saw these boots and asked "have you worn the heel down on those boots?", which I have (I've also scuffed a lot of the material off the front), "How do you own a hundred pairs of shoes and end up wearing the same ones over and over?" It must be a gift.
black corset top- Lipsy
leather jacket- H&M
boots- Boohoo
necklace- Topshop
bracelets- ASOS
I was going out last night for my friend Shaunagh's birthday so I decided to dress the skirt up for a night out too. This black corset top is part of an outfit I wore for my cousin's wedding 2 years ago from Lipsy that I'd never considered wearing alone before, but I think it's a great way to wear my day skirts for the evening. I also added my trusty leather jacket (another thing I've worn to death; there's a tiny tear in the sleeve and I'm freaking out about it because I don't want to have to try to find a similar one!) and my favourite big boots. I'm a bit disappointed that I paired this skirt with black in both outfits, but I'm excited to try it with lots of other colours, and with mixed prints like Elizabeth did here.
Anyway, I'm off to a family meal (in my new dress!) but I'm taking my Mum to the Lowry Food Festival tomorrow (hurray for bank holidays!) and I'm hoping to take some photos of the yummy food on display.
Have a lovely long weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. Awesome skirt! I've never ordered from Modcloth before since the shipping is ridiculously high, and I'm too scared of custom fees haha! Love your party outfit! And leather can be fixed or sewed back together or something (my boyfriend got his coat repared too after his dog ripped it and it's practically unnoticable), maybe you could try that? x

  2. Since I'm searching for a jacket, I feel your fear on losing a much loved one. Hopefully, it's a quick and unnoticeable repair. Too bad on the custom/shipping fees. Maybe send it to friend in states who could ship it to you and post a lower amount on item so you don't get hit on fees. Just a thought. Looks lovely on you...ahem I may have bought it myself along with a dress I had on wishlist to make free shipping...yes I'm laughing at myself.

    enjoy your blog

  3. Ah, one of my friends got saddled with import fees from Modcloth too, so I've always avoided them just in case! I also found a tear in my leather jacket (which is more of a bomber than yours) a couple of weeks ago and was horrified. I was away from home so just roughly stitched it up, but I'm not sure how it will last as it was a rather large tear on the sleeve. At least the weather is moving away from coat weather!

  4. You look so awesome in that skirt! I love galaxy print. It's so unique and pretty. Too bad the fees for your Modcloth order were so much. That's so lame. I hope you get plenty of wear out of this skirt though so the cost per wear isn't too ridiculous.

  5. Love the skirt, a lot :) Modcloth custom fees break my heart, wish they'd get a UK warehouse!

    You are looking so slim as well Charlotte! Beautiful girly :) X

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