Leopards can change their spots

This is a really...not very me outfit. But I do quite like it. I love this shirt, which I'm sure you know if you saw my Workwear 15 for 15 post last week, and I wanted a way to wear it for the weekend. I never wear leggings. Ever. In fact these ones are fleece lined extra warm ones I bought for Paris and never wore and they were the only ones I could find. I'm just not really a leggings kinda girl. I just don't do that kind of casual, off-duty style very well. That, and I hate my legs. Something I don't hate, however, is this satchel. I've wanted a tan satchel for ages and I was going to invest in a Cambridge Satchel but now I have this one I don't need to! It's perfect for summer (I prefer a brown bag for the warmer months) and I've had loads of compliments on it already! I tend to only have a couple of bags (usually one black and one brown) and I have to have big bags with lots of room, so this one is perfect.
leopard shirt- Very
flats- Matalan
necklace- Topshop
satchel- c/o Accessoryo

Are you enjoying the long weekend so far? It's so nice to have a break! I was hoping for a quiet weekend but it never ends up like that- I always end up getting bored. I've had a really busy week this week though, which has been really lovely. I've done something after work every night! Monday I had my photography class, which I'm really, really enjoying. I'm thinking of taking a City and Guilds Level 2 qualification in September so I will have a photography qualification. Has anyone else done one? Tuesday I went out on a walk with my Dad (and we had a cheeky trip to the pub for dinner on the way!). I made tacos at Shaunagh's house on Wednesday and had dinner at Eve's with her and Jenny on Thursday and last night I went to see The Great Gatsby with my parents. I thought it was a really great film. It did lack a lot of the subtlety and themes of the novel, but I prefer to appreciate it separately from the book, especially as I have studied the book and it's one of my favourites. Today I finally got my workout in (after five days off, whoops!), wrote an article for Duluth Superior Magazine and then popped into Stockport to run some errands. I went to see the lady at the No7 counter because I'm having major problems with my skin at the moment- my cheeks are dry and my foundations ends up patchy, but I have an oily tzone and my foundation always slides off my afternoon. She was great and gave me loads of advice and I've been sorted out with a new foundation, primer and moisturiser that I'm really excited about trying. I spent my afternoon watching Arrested Development (I'm almost done with Series 2 and I am absolutely hooked!) and cooking fajitas for dinner. I also might have chased after an ice cream van in my slippers to have my first 99 of the summer! Tomorrow I'm going to support my awesome best friend Eve at the Manchester 10K and I have a party to go to with my family in the afternoon. I've not even figured out what I'm doing on Monday yet!
Right I'm getting back to watching the Champion's League with my Dad.
Enjoy your weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. LOVE this outfit! That top is just perfect with the leggings.

  2. Love the outfit! Leopard print flats are a favourite of mine :) the shirt is lovely too! x

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  3. Go for the certification! Every time you talk about class and things you are learning you sound excited.

    Love the outfit

  4. This satchel is definitely perfect! I'd love to have one just like that. Satchels remind me of fall for some reason, so maybe I should get one once fall rolls around. I love your leopard print top paired with the leather jacket here. I'm not much for leggings either, but I think these look appropriate and cute with the rest of your outfit!

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