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April Life Lately

Happy May! I'm super late with this update due to spending the start of May in beautiful Barcelona (more on this below!) and also because I tested positive for Covid just after we got back so I've been recovering from that! While I had a fairly mild case I did feel pretty rubbish for a few days and I'm still mourning the plans I had to cancel, but I think I'm thankfully over the worst of it now! My concentration has also been all over the shop since I was ill so I think this is my fifth attempt to finished this post! Anyway, before I came down with Covid I had such a good April! April involved two trips away, to both Chester and to Barcelona. To continue the theme of 2022 being the year in which I finally do all the things I was planning to do in 2020, not only did we finally get to go to Barcelona but we actually had a few days away for our wedding anniversary too! (Can you actually believe we've been married for 3 years?!) I've also had loads of brilliant nigh

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