welcome to girlnextdoorfashion!!

Hello and welcome to girlnextdoorfashion!!

This will be an outlet for posting my daily outfits, discussion on fashion and tips and advice on living on a limited budget.

First of all, a few things you should probably know about me!!

  • I have absolutely no authority on fashion and style. All I have is an interest in clothes, shopping and developing my own sense of style. I am an avid reader of several magazines (Glamour is my favourite) and own a couple of fashion books, but most of what I know and preach is based solely on my own observations and research.

  • Also, as the title suggests my outfits are based solely on what I can find in my wardrobe; all of which is made up from high street pieces. I love TopShop, New Look and River Island. I’m not a designer goddess or a thrift store queen (though I would like to start exploring charity shops), I am just your average student on a limited budget. As much as I’d love to be able to buy designer clothes, the truth is I’d rather have lots of cheaper clothes than one of two amazingly expensive pieces. I can’t condone £500 on a dress. I’d rather have 10 £50 dresses.

  • My style has elements of my punk phase (which lasted a few years longer than it probably should have, I still get called emo to this day.); I love lots of monochrome, garish tights, leather, tones of black eyeliner and messy hair. I adore Taylor Momsen and Fearne Cotton.

  • But I also like to think my style is a little bit thrown-on Kate Moss. My nails are always chipped, my tights are always laddered, but I like to think it looks like it was done on purpose.

  • Also fitting with my girl next door image is the fact that I’m not a 5’10” blonde waif who wears impossible high heels to nip to the corner shop. I am not one of those stunningly intimidating fashion bloggers with their Chanel hangbags and Monolos. Similarly, I am also not one of those crazy fashionistas in lace leggings and a shaggy fur jacket who worship Mossy and look like they’re just rolled out of bed. I enjoy shopping, I enjoy fashion, but fashion is not my life.

  • I am an average girl. I like to have fun with fashion. I wear what I want, I don’t worry about the rules and “dressing to fit your body shape”. I am average height (if a little on the short side), curvy and slightly pear shaped. I’m always in short shorts or miniskirts, and I’ve finally got to the point where I no longer care if I don’t have the legs for them. Life is too short to take fashion too seriously.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I have lots of ideas and I hope it's going to be fun.

Please give let me know what you think !!

Charlotte xxx


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