Wheee this week has been great! Wednesday was my birthday, and I basically love my birthday more than anyone else in the world.

Seriously, look how happy I am in this picture:

For about three months, I've known that Phil had bought me a trip away for my birthday and I've been so excited to find out what "birthday surprise" was! So one of the first things I did (after Phil brought me a huge cup of tea in bed), was to find out where we were going! We're going away to Birmingham the week after next, and he's booked us a lovely hotel, spa day, escape room and tickets to see Hans Zimmer! 

After I opened some of my presents, I took advantage of the lie-in from work I'm allowed on my birthday - and used it to go for a run! 

When I got to work my wonderful colleagues had decorated my desk with balloons and I already had presents on my desk waiting for me!
Then they brought out a giant cookie cake for me and a bunch of flowers from my manager, and all sang Happy Birthday! And I was allowed to open my presents - a gorgeous notebook my friend Riven made for me, and a dinosaur necklace!
I was a bit sad at first about working my birthday, but I actually had such a lovely day that I'm glad I went in! I brought some treats in for the office too, and I went out for lunch with my group of girls. We went to Moose which is one of my favourite places for brunch in Manchester, and I had the Manolito (aka, all of my favourite things on a plate):
Phil met me after work and we headed straight home to get ready for my parents' arrival! My Mum went absolutely mad with presents as usual! I'd asked for a few recipe books, a new Kindle and the Parks and Recreation boxset, but I also got a Ted Baker bag and two Game of Thrones boxsets! I am so spoiled!
For dinner we went to Mowgli, which is another of my favourite places in Manchester. It's a Indian street food restaurant, so it's like Indian tapas. We ordered a LOT of food!
After dinner, we popped for one in the Cosy Club and had a game of Uno. It was perfect! I always love my birthday, but I felt really spoiled this year and I am so happy with my little group of girls at work who really made the effort to ensure I had a wonderful day (which I did!).
I'm still on a bit of a birthday comedown, but in a good way! My living room is full of flowers, I keep picking up my new recipe books to flick through them and I can't stop wearing my new MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick (with Whirl liner, of course!). I was a bit nervous about turning 26 (officially late twenties, urgh!) but when I look back over the last year, it's been amazing. 

Let's see what 26 has in store!

Charlotte x


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