How I curl my hair in 5 minutes [VIDEO]

You read that right! A video... WHATTT. Yeah so my friend, Kris, said that I should start video blogging (let's not talk about the disaster that was my last video blog) and I was bored and Phil was out so I thought, HEY LET'S GIVE IT A GO.
So I had to curl my hair anyway, and I've been thinking for a while of recording a video of how I curl my hair in 5 minutes so I thought I would have a go at recording myself curling my hair. 
I never, ever watch video blogs so I don't really know what I'm doing, the quality is rubbish and I had no idea what to talk about so I just rambled on with myself, but hey, it was fun so I hope nobody is mean to me on YouTube. 
So here's how I curl my hair in 5 minutes (okay, it's more like 6...)

Enjoy! (slash please don't laugh at me)

Charlotte x


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