(Mini) September Life Lately

Hey don't know if I mentioned it but we went to Canada last month? Did I mention it? Oh I did. Oh okay, didn't think anyone really knew about it.

I have SO much I want to say about Canada that it definitely needs its own post (or three) but as soon as I start to write there's just... a lot. Where do I start? Do I write about every day? Just my favourite parts? One post per part of the trip? I haven't quite got there yet. But I'll get there and I'll write them. (Tbh, I still had loads of wedding posts planned which I probably won't get around to now we've been married nearly 6 months!)

So for now here's a really tiny edition of September Life Lately (basically it's just books and films):

What I read
Me, in Canada, on release day of The Testaments, buzzing to be buying it in Atwood's homeland

September was a bit of a mixed bag with going away! I downloaded loads of books for holiday (because, holiday books) but our trip was so chaotic and manic and busy (in the best possible way) time for reading was minimal (on a side note, I've written about this before, but when I'm away I barely use my phone at all, so when I'm waiting around I pick up my Kindle and I still get plenty of reading done. I still haven't missed a day of reading for coming on 2 years!).

I've been a bit out of routine since we got back, so I'm not quite in my rhythm of reading as much yet (it took me over a week to finish my last book which is unheard of for me!), but here's what I read in September:

If We Were Villains
I Saw a Man
The Testaments
The Wife
Becoming (on audiobook)

I have a lot of feelings about The Testaments obviously (you might remember in August I went to a discussion group on The Handmaid's Tale and I'm planning to go to one on The Testaments too). I really enjoyed The Wife (I just wish it had been longer!) and Commonwealth (which was my perfect book - family drama where nothing happens, swoon!). 

I absolutely loved Michelle Obama's Becoming which I've been listening to on audiobook for about 6 weeks. It is so long! Like 15 hours! But I absolutely loved it and now I miss listening to her while I do my makeup or cook dinner. She just comes across as such a kind but strong person who takes no bull and isn't afraid to speak out for what she believes in, which I really admire. I really appreciate how honest and open she is in this book - I really recommend it.

What I've been watching

We went to see Ad Astra which we both expected to love and really didn't find that interesting, and we've just started watching The Americans after hearing such good things about it!

What I've read online

Yes and Yes - My problems aren't your responsibility
Ramshackle Glam - Why I'm giving up new clothes until 2020 - related! I signed up for #SecondHandSeptember but with being away for most of the month I started on the 22nd. I bought most of my clothes for Canada on Depop as well as the dress I wore for my cousin's wedding, so I've been buying anything I need for winter from there! I'm planning to write a post on my Depop bargains.
The Atlantic - On Chandler Bing's job
Arianna Huffington shared this quote on LinkedIn and it spoke to me a LOT. Phil and I talk a lot about when things "calm down" but this encourages you to enjoy the messiness of life, because it is messy!
The Player's Tribune - Jurgen Klopp "Maybe I am dreaming"
A Rosie Outlook - Autumn intentions and inspiration
A Cup of Jo - 9 easy family meals we've loved to death
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Manchester Evening News - The Stockport Bucket List
Daisy Buchanan - How to stopped worrying about storytelling and loved mental messiness
The Ringer - How to kill of a character and make great TV in the proces
The Ringer - 100 best TV episodes of the century
Biscuits and Blisters - I miss chatting

The Ringer - On the inimitable Doctor Cox
The Guardian - Margaret Atwood - She's ahead of everyone in the room

I'll be back with a full Canada post soon! I have so much to tell you!

Charlotte x


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