October Life Lately

After a manic few months, October brought us some much-needed quiet.

Well, apart from two significant life changes.

On 1st October Phil started a new job, which is very exciting and he's really enjoying it after a long three month notice period.

And in that same week, I got a new job too. 

So next month, after three and a half years, I'll be leaving Stagecoach and joining Manchester Airport Group as a CRM Manager.

It still seems weird to see that written down and I'm exactly equal parts terrified and excited! I simultaneously can't wait to get my teeth stuck into a new job and also desperately upset to be leaving the company I've worked for the longest and know inside out, and all my colleagues and friends.

So as you can imagine, it's been a bit of a strange and emotional one! I can't believe that when I write one of these next month I'll have a different job!

Here's my one second every day for the month, and here's what else we got up to in October...

Where I've been
This month we had another beautiful wedding when Phil's friend Pete married the lovely Kat at the gorgeous Old Grammar School.

I also went to visit my friend Ellen for the day. She's also been to Canada this year so we had a LOT to catch up on!

The 13th October marked 6 months of marriage so we celebrated with a long and very soggy Sunday morning walk with brunch in Marple Bridge at the end of it.

I had a great time out with my best friends to see Jonathan Van Ness, and I also went to see one of my absolute heros, Margaret Atwood! It was an absolute honour to be in the same room as her. She was absolutely incredible - so funny, so insightful, so smart - it was amazing.

What I did
I ran my 200th parkrun! And got a PB! 

And got this super cute write up written about me!

Next stop, 250 tshirt!

What I read
Nine books in October:

Mising Person
The Confession
Bone China
The Truants
The Heavens
Girl, Woman, Other
Things we say in the dark
Making Space

My absolute favourite by a mile was Girl, Woman, Other. So well deserving of the Booker prize. I couldn't put it down but also didn't want it to be over. It's absolutely stunning (and made me cry). I also loved The Confession and feminist horro short story collection Things we say in the dark was great fun.

What I listened to
I've also been really enjoying audiobook this month, listening to Jonathan Van Ness' Over the Top (which I really recommend on audio) and The Psychopath Test.

Also I know everyone is banging on about it but Dolly Parton's America podcast is absolutely amazing. I've laughed, I've cried, I've done both of these things in the middle of a run...

What I watched
October in the Cantillon house means horror films only. Here's what we watched at home:

What We Do in the Shadows
Nightmare on Elm Street
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Cabin in the Woods
Trick R Treat

Then we took three trips to the cinema this month. We saw Joker, went to see one of our favourite films on the big screen, The Shining and went to the Cineworld Unlimited screening of Luce.

What I've loved
Like everyone on the internet this month, we got obsessed with Untitled Goose Game and all the subsequent memes. I was so gutted when Phil completed it that I might go back and have another go myself!

I also completed #SecondhandSeptember with a month of only shopping second hand. I got some great finds from Depop, including new winter boots which were barely worn, once-worn brogues and the most gorgeous fleecy lined leather jacket!

The day the challenged ended though I did need to do a dash to Marks and Spencers for new knitwear. I got some lovely soft jumpers from there for work, and I've also picked up a few gorgeous knits from Oasis so I feel very winter-ready!

What I read online
The Guardian - Films that terrified our writers as kids
The Atlantic - The Millennial Lifestyle is about to get more Expensive
This terrifying story from horro writer Grady Hendrix on Twitter
Swoonworthy - How to look after your candles
Refinery 29 - The moment I knew my friendship was over
The Atlantic - The greatest, fakest world record
Vix Meldrew - New beginnings, again
Vice - If you don't want kids you don't have to want kids instead - this was so relatable it was almost painful -

"There’s an expectation that modern women should fill any downtime with side hustles or organized “self-care” activities. “As a woman, I feel like even my free time needs to be some sort of self-development: meditation to calm my anxiety, journaling to help with my mental health, exercising,” Danielle said. Maddie, 24, agrees. “I think men have more flexibility when it comes to hobbies. My relaxation through my hobbies is more likely to be seen as time wasting, but a man’s is more productive. In my relaxation time I absolutely feel smothered with guilt. I’m constantly thinking of the money I could be making instead of enjoying my time.”"
Have lovely November!

Charlotte x


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