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March is always my favourite month of the year (okay, second to December!) and this March was no different, even during lockdown.

We had lots to celebrate in March, with Phil's Birthday, Bobby's Birthday and my Birthday and we've got a few more bits done on the house, as well as some other exciting news I have to share from the month!

Here's my One Second Every Day for the month below and everything else we got up to...

What I did

So March always begins with Phil's Birthday which is one of my favourite days of the year because I love giving presents! I decorated the living room with banners and balloons and served up a continental breakfast before we headed to Lyme Park for a walk with the pup. We had such a lovely day the three of us rounded off with burgers from our favourite local burger place!

The main present I got Phil this year was a whisky tasting class which we did on the Saturday night after his Birthday. I am not a fan of whisky but it's something Phil is learning more about and he absolutely loved the session. The class was all done over Zoom with bottles of whisky to try during the class sent over in the post, and the instructor Felipe was absolutely fantastic and so knowledgeable. The class lasted 2 hours and I got an email after with loads of advice on "if you liked this whisky, you'd like this." I highly recommend as an excellent gift or just a fun lockdown activity! Here's the link to give it a go.

March also brought Bobby's Birthday! Even though I regularly refer to him as my "puppy" he is fact 5 years old. I didn't go too mad but I did get him a doggy cake and made him wear a bandana all day. I think he secretly loved the fuss.

I swear every month I saw "we're nearly there with the house!" but in March we did mostly finish the bathroom with a couple of new cabinets, decorative shelves and new hooks and accessories. 

We also got some new prints for the bathroom and some for the front room too which I absolutely love. I wasn't sure if the prints were too much with the cushions (which we also got in March) but now I'm kind of into it...

Despite being my second lockdown Birthday I had such an amazing day! Last year my Birthday was disappointing because I had so many things planned for my 30th, whereas this year anything I could do was just a massive bonus! 

We started on Friday with a football talk hosted by Blizzard for charity which was really interesting. Then on Saturday I met my friend Riven for a walk and she went maybe a little bit overboard on presents....

In the evening we got cocktails from a local bar in Stockport and a Sri Lankan takeaway which was absolutely incredible! 

Then on the actual day we started out with presents! I got two new jumpers (I really need to blog about my ridiculous slash amazing jumper collection), a pizza oven for the BBQ, a mug, a casserole dish, a new blender, three pairs of earrings, a book about skin care, a new parkrun tshirt to name just a few things! I was absolutely spoiled as always!

It turned out to be the most beautiful day so I was thrilled we'd booked Dunham Massey for our day out. It was so beautiful I even managed to get an ice cream!

Thanks to the rule change on 29th March I was so grateful to be able to sit in my parents' garden in the afternoon and have a proper catch up not standing at the front door! We had a drink and nibbles and the amazing cake Phil made for me - approved by Nigella herself!

It was just the most perfect day, made even better by amazing weather!

And one last thing to tell you about - I've got a new job! On Monday I'll be joining Pets at Home as a CRM Specialist! I'm so sad to have left my job at Manchester Airport Group where I have learned more than I could possibly have imagined, but I'm so excited for my new role!

What I read

Guys, I did it. I somehow managed to read all my NetGalley ARCs before their publication dates in March, plus make a dent in my library books. It was not easy! Here's what I read:

  • The Magnificent Sons
  • The Last House on Needless Street
  • Pew
  • Heatstroke
  • Watch Her Fall
  • Hot Stew
  • My Phantoms
  • Tall Bones
  • Unsettled Ground
  • What's Mine and Yours
  • A Lonely Man

I'm really happy with how much I managed to get read in March despite having quite a busy month, but I definitely don't expect double figures in April!

What I listened to

I've basically made this section just so I can mention Lolita podcast which I listened to all through March.

It's an absolutely fascinating look at the actual book Lolita, its adaptations, the impact of it on culture and how it is misunderstood. I can't recommend it more.

What I watched

A few new-to-me films watched in March:

  • Vertigo
  • Hush 
  • Waitress
  • Saint Maud
  • Chinatown
Saint Maud hac been on my list for ages and the What Page are You On? gals did a podcast episode on books and films which went well together which put this even higher on my watch list. I'm gonna be honest I watched 90% of it through my blanket but Phil absolutely loved it (I loved all the bits I saw which were any non-gory bits!)

I also forced Phil to watch 17 Again as my pre-Birthday watch as I'd not seen it for years and yeah I still had a great time.

We had an excellent TV recommendation from my parents and have just started The Terror which is an anthology horror series and right up our street! We've only watched a few so far but I'm really intrigued to see where it goes!

What I wrote

Part one of my review of Anna Jones' new book One is now live. I absolutely adore this book and plan to keep cooking from it over the next few months so there will definitely be a follow up to this post (there are some salads I cannot wait to make over the summer!).

I also wrote a little post on how you can now sign up to receive emails whenever I publish a new blog post. It only took me 11 years...

What I read online

Anne Helen Petersen - A loose essay in figures (The title here is a bit vague but this is a fascinating insight into pay disparity in America)
And for a laugh - Good luck doing this 30 minute recipe in 30 minutes, from McSweeneys

Hope you're having a sunny April so far!

Charlotte x


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