December in Photos

Minus anything festive. Still a ridiculous number of photos.
1. Last day of work pizza
2. Pink wall in my new room
There are a lot of progress photos of my room in this month's photo set. This was my first big one- my bright pink accent wall! 
3. One of my favourite lunches
Roasted chickpeas, broccoli and onion with avocado. From this Thug Kitchen recipe. 
4. Treated myself to a new palette
5. Mince Pie and Mulled Wine at the Hairdressers
6. My shoe wardrobe! 
7. Cooking dinner for Phil and I
Phil is a committed meat eater and the list of vegetables he dislikes is almost identical to my list of favourites (how can anyone dislike sweet potato?!). Cooking for the two of us is a bit of a challenge but so far it's going okay! This was a creamy mushroom and chickpea curry.
8. Doughnuts at my TEFL course
Honest truth, I don't like doughnuts. The only ones I will eat are Krispy Kremes and only if someone offers one to me. One of the lovely guys at my TEFL course brought them in on our last day though and I needed a sugar rush!
9. Noms at Bakerie
Mmmm. Bread. 
10. Twenty Hours of TEFL complete
I am technically qualified to teach English as a foreign language, but I've got 100 hours of online work to complete over the next year to have more of a chance of actually doing it. It's not something I plan on doing anytime soon, but it's a good skill to have! I was told I was a natural teacher but I think I'm a bit too impatient!
11. Tartan trousers, denim shirt
12. New favourite lunch
I've actually eaten this nearly every day for a month. I often have it in a tortilla or today with brown rice. Yum. 
13. Super old photo of my parents
They're about 20 here. Check of my Dad's hair. Inspiration for the Gallaghers right there!
14. Helpful socks
15. More of my room coming together! 
16. The Prettiest Bedding
I was really struggling to find bedding for my room. The one I had my heart set on was declared by my Dad as "something a 14 year old girl would pick", but I couldn't find anything I liked anywhere near as much! I was a week away from moving into my new room when I came across this lovely Accessorize bedding and I was smitten.
17. Tacos are the new fajitas
18. Remember when I cut part of my finger off? 
19. And the blood...
20. Which resulted in the wine
Yes, this is the dream bedroom of a five year old. I don't even care. It's pretty and pink and fairy lights and I love it. So so happy with my new room! 
22-23. Moving in
24. Featured on the Jones and Jones Facebook page! 
25. Festive park run
500+ people dressed in santa suits, pajamas, fancy dress and santa hats? Best park run ever. I was even overtaken by a snowman!
26. Trying to keep my bandages dry in the shower...
27. We had a visitor
My Auntie and Uncle's guide dog puppy in training,Yuppi, is 5 months old now. He is adorable but very noisy!
28. MAC Russian Red
29-30. Breakfast at my Nan's
On the Buck's Fizz at 10am... 
31. Homemade bruschetta
32. Chips and curry sauce
Best food ever? I think so.
33. My awesome Breaking Bad prints
I first saw these on Carrie's blog as they were done by her boyfriend Miguel! I've been waiting months to finally order them for my new room. I love them. 
 34. And they have pride of place above my bed!
35. Taking my new galaxy leggings out for a spin
36. Playing with my Naked 3 palette
37. Excellent tshirt
38. Day trip to the Imperial War Museum
39. And another trip to Bakerie! 
40. Trip to the pub
41. Lentil stew in Bakerie
42. Perfect dippy egg 
43. My Urban Decay Palette collection
Nine at last count!
44. Cannot stop wearing my Heisenberg tshirt
This time it was "fancy Heisenberg"
45. Poorly Sofa Saturday
Sherlock definitely made me feel better! 
46. Love my Garmin!
47. New mug
48. Addicted to Snowballs
I had my first Snowball at Phil's parents house on Christmas Day and now I love them! New favourite festive drink!  
49. Best ever travel mug?
I think so.
50. Family photo
My Dad is one of eight (we're a big family!) and I took this photo of my aunties and uncles at my Nana and Grandad's house the day before it was sold. I'm really proud of it and have printed a copy for everyone in our family. I'm so lucky to have such a great family.
51. Another museum trip! 
52. What a great John!
53. My cousin made Strawberry Daquiris. Mmm.
54. Book Borrowin' 
55. Getting ready for NYE
Glitter eyeliner, bottled cocktail and jelly beans. Rave.
56. No New Year is complete without CAH
I bought this for Phil for Christmas and insisted that he brought it to the New Year's party we were going to. We cracked it out about 1am and it was absolutely hilarious. Best game ever.
57. I ran 60 miles in December!
My best ever month so far!


  1. YOUR BEDROOM, OMG! I wanna have a princess slumber party! Also really like the helpful socks.

  2. I LOVE your bedroom... living with a boy means I have to limit pink as much as possible :(

  3. Fancy giving me that bedstead? And your shoe storage? And maybe the shoes? No?...

    Now like Phil I am a (super) committed meat eater, but the food you show always looks really tasty so I may have to try that chickpea lunch.

  4. My boyfriend doesn't like Sweet Potato either. Cards Against Humanity is hilarious, we played with some friends the other night. With us, the winner is usually the most wildly offensive answer...


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