Remember when I said I'd be back to updating regularly again? Whooops. That definitely didn't happen this week. But it feels so good to be back! The last couple of weeks have been crazy and I've been absolutely exhausted! Last Saturday Phil and I had board game night with his housemate Si and his girlfriend Meg. It was great fun. We played the Pointless board game three times (Meg and I won every time! It was boys vs. girls) and then, of course, Cards Against Humanity with a few glasses of wine. Then on Sunday, Phil and I went to the cinema to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I'd read the book so I was really excited to see it and it was excellent. Monday was choir, and on Tuesday I had my gym induction at lunchtime and went to the gym after work. Turns out even if I can watch Pointless and the Big Bang Theory I really do hate the treadmill! I just did 5K but cut it a bit fine for my train and it ended up being a mad rush into the shower, back into my gym clothes and running for the train with my coat half buttoned up! I'm a bit disappointed really cause the next train after that isn't for another 45 minutes, and it would mean I wouldn't be home from work til 8.30, and by that time I could be back from a nice outdoor run! The gym membership is through work though and it's super cheap so I'm going to keep it anyway. Plus there's a Thursday night strength class I really fancy! I'm tempted to go back to morning runs. I'd be able to get up at 5 like I used to, but I'd just have to be up and out straight away so be back for 6 to get ready, but it's tempting. I like being able to make plans after work and not have to worry about my training and I've found myself slipping and skipping runs this week because I've been tired after work. I really hope I can get back into the morning run routine because I do miss it! 
dress- Topshop
leather jacket- Boohoo
boots- Miss Guided
necklace- Topshop
bracelets- ASOS
So there are two new things in this post. One is of course, my hair. Yep, I went short again! I'd been thinking of it for a while but wasn't actually planning on doing it until the night before. I saw a friend from uni had cut her gorgeous long hair short, and I also loved llymlrs' new cut, and I was ready for a change. I felt "new year, new job= new hair" and I absolutely love it. It feels so fresh and has much more body and shape. I felt my long hair just looked boring. The other thing? I FINALLY found a new leather jacket! I don't know if this is "the one" but when a big chunk fell off my leather jacket last week I knew I needed to make a decision. It's the perfect length and it's a slightly different texture to my old one but I really like it. This dress is also new and I've had so many compliments on it at work. It's perfect for work with a blazer or like today with a leather jacket and boots. I also bought it in bright blue today. This is a pretty simple outfit but with how tired I've been lately, simple is definitely key!
I'm in for a pretty quiet weekend which is perfect. Today I ran park run, popped into Stockport for some bits (I bought the blue version of this dress from Topshop, the pink version of this Primark dress, and a pink button-down shirt from Primark) and tonight I'm going over to Phil's for a quiet night in. I'm going to cook us a prawn curry and we're gonna watch Closer-one of my favourite films. Tomorrow it's a day of food shopping and family visits, followed by my first 10 mile run- eek!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. Love the new hair and the pink dress. Mmm, prawn curry, food envy!

  2. Charlotte I noticed straight away how fab your hair looks - and I love the pink dress with a leather jacket!! I have an almost identical dress and you've given me a great idea on how to style it now... you look fabulous hun :)

    Catherine x

  3. I recently cut my hair shorter, too! It's such a good feeling. This outfit is gorgeous - I can see this dress being very versatile!

    I'm so impress with your running. I've been trying to get into running lately but it's just so cold! Good for you!

    Halfway Heroine

  4. This outfit is awesome Charlotte. I love the spikes and studs against the bright pink, and your hair looks lovely that length :) X

  5. You look so pretty! That's a great color on you. And wow, ten miles! That's awesome! I did a beach run yesterday, it was gorgeous! Definitely more strenuous on my calves than when I run on pavement, but totally worth it.


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