A Change from the Usual

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know, this really isn't my usual style. I've never really been a cowboy-boots-and-bare-legs kinda girl. In fact, this outfit feels really American to me- I remember girls wearing a lot of outfits like this while I was living in the States. Cowboy boots and a denim jacket are just so quintessentially American. Anyway, this outfit came about because the weather today was supposed to be hot (bare legs), but rainy (boots). I didn't want to ruin any of my ballet flats, converse seemed impractical and I really didn't want to wear black tights and boots. Plus I'd been looking back at photos from when I was in Nashville, where I bought these boots, and I paired them with a floral dress back then and I loved the way it looked. So while I didn't feel 100% "me" today (two years ago you would never catch me with bare legs, but I've sorta decided not to care anymore that I have super-pale, less-than-perfect legs), I kept my feet dry! Plus I've been living in this dress lately. I know, I know, everyone and their dog has this dress at the moment but there's a reason why. It's £13 of pure awesome. Great job Primark. (I might have worn it two days in a row this weekend).
dress- Primark via ASOS (it's still available in some sizes!)
cowboy boots- Boots shop in Nashville, Tennessee
necklace- c/o Menoyu Jewellery
denim jacket- New Look
So I guess it's kind of been another case of "long time no blog" eh? As I said last time, I've been wearing the same things to work nearly every day because of the heat and I've been too lazy to dress up at weekends! I've had a pretty chilled week, and an extra-chilled weekend. I went out for a pub tea and a bottle of wine with Eve on Friday night, and the rest of the weekend has pretty much been spent watching Breaking Bad and running errands. I also had my hair done yesterday but I'm freaking out a bit that it's wayyyyy more red than brown. I asked for it a little bit lighter, like a shade lighter, and when the colour came off it was SO red that I almost had a heart attack. It does look a little better and I'm hoping it will fade in a couple of washes but it's not quite what I wanted. She said I can go back and have it redone if I'm not happy but I really hate making complaints, and plus do I really want to spend 3 more hours in the hairdressing chair?! Let's hope it fades out!
Also, I just want to say thank you to every one of you who has left me amazing comments on my running posts! I don't want this to be a running blog (I definitely don't know enough for that to happen!) but I know I enjoy reading about "normal" people and their experiences with running. And those of you who have said I've inspired you to run? Wow, just wow. That really is awesome. I have another couple of running post ideas I want to get up over the next few weeks- towards the end of last week I started getting up at 5.30am to do my runs before work and I am absolutely hooked, so if I can keep up the habit (I'm hoping to run 3 times a week and do 30 Day Shred twice a week- all before work- and then have the weekends as rest days) I want to blog about that because seriously, I never thought I'd be getting up at 5.30am to fit in an early morning run! I'm also *hoping* to do my first 5K in 2 weeks' time. They do Parkrun literally round the corner from my house and I'd love to do my first one before I go to Berlin in 3 weeks so I'm hoping a week on Saturday I can give it a go!
Sorry if my running posts are really boring- I'm gonna make sure there's a good mix of style posts too!
Anyway, I'm probably gonna have a chilled out night (undoubtedly watching more Breaking Bad- I've almost finished Season 4 and I'm hoping to watch the first half of season 5 before the new half starts in a few weeks!) and an early night so I can get up for my 5.30am run tomorrow!
Have a brilliant evening!

Charlotte x


  1. Gorgeous as always Miss! I so wish the dress fit me properly when I ordered it, as it looks amazing on everyone I've seen blog it! :)

  2. OOH btw, I LOVE your hair! That was the first thing I noticed when I opened this post and I think it looks amazing :)

  3. I love that dress! I wish I had picked it up when I was living in England.
    And your hair looks great, red or brown :)

  4. I love that dress! It's gorgeous! :) You're hair does look quite red; if you're hoping it fades a bit, you're in luck... red fades SUPER fast -- I dyed my hair dark red (about that color!) for years and it fades within two or three weeks.I think it looks quite nice on you, though I really love your hair chocolate brown colored :)

    <3 Michelle

  5. Love the dress! red fades really fast so you'll be fine, you really suit it though :) xx

  6. This is a super cute look!

    Love the boots!




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