Primark's Finest

Whee unexpected blog hiatus there! Sometimes I think you just need a bit of a break. My parents were away last week and I had a lovely week of going for a run after work, cooking dinner and watching Breaking Bad. I love having the house to myself. Then I met with my parents in Ireland for the weekend and this week I've been seeing friends, enjoying the sunshine, going for runs and giving blood. Before I knew it it had been a week since I last updated! I have lots of posts ready to go up though so I should be able to get back to schedule!
dress- Primark
blazer- H&M
heels- New Look
necklace- Zalando
This outfit is from a few weeks ago before this ridiculous heatwave started. I'm really struggling to find outfits for work now it's suddenly so hot! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am not a fan of hot weather! It's why I chose chilly Minnesota for my year abroad over sweltering Georgia or Alabama for my year abroad. I'm finding the hot weather a real struggle! I've been living in a rotation of the same four or five dresses with skin tights and nude heels. This dress is one of my favourites- and it's from Primark! I've been so impressed with them recently- this definitely doesn't look like a £12 dress!
I've had a lovely evening with my Dad tonight, eating pizza and salad and drinking wine. We spent the night sat in the garden listening to our favourite songs on the iPad. It's been fantastic. We're going away tomorrow for the weekend to Doncaster to a spa and golf hotel with our family friends- it was my Mum's birthday last weekend so they're taking us away as a present for her! Mum, Dad and my Uncle Geoff are playing golf and Auntie Rosemary and I are having spa treatments. I'm excited.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. I love that dress, it's so pretty.

    Where abouts in Ireland were you? Did you have a good time? We seem to be getting this mental weather as well, although I'm not complaining because I love the heat! :)

  2. Stunning dress, such great colours. I've been impressed with Primark too recently. I got a gorgeous red dress for £13 (via ASOS!) which looks like a £30 dress.

    Have a fun weekend lovely

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. I can't believe this dress is actually from Primark - its amazing! Its so worth a rummage in there when you can come out with fab bargains like this. I'm really struggling to find work outfits in the heat too! My 'uniform' is normally leggings and skater skirts but its too hot for leggings and my skirts are too short to wear without - dilemma!

    Sophie | An Arrangement of Notes

  4. Little bit late with the commenting here, but wow! That dress is really amazing!! Love the colours and how you paired it with the bright pink jacket and nude heels :) Really want that dress now....why is there no Primark near me?!

  5. Thank you!
    We were in Carrick on Shannon which is where my grandparents were from! It's absolutely lovely and it has a great evening scene! I had a lovely time thank you. The weather was perfect!

    Charlotte x

  6. Haha oh yeah. Georgia is definitely sweltering. I often wish I lived in a climate more like the UK.
    You look super super cute in your pink blazer! I think it looks perfect with your floral dress. I wish it was cool enough to wear a jacket here!

  7. That does not look like a Primark dress! And it goes so well paired with that blazer too. The colours are gorgeous. The hot weather has meant that I've been bumming around in the same shorts and tops or basic dresses otherwise I want to jump in the nearest pool of water. Can't believe it is still so hot!



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