I wish the real world would just stop hassling me

Phew, just looking at these photos is making me hot! As I'm sure you can tell, these photos were taken a few weeks ago when it wasn't 20 odd degrees. I can't imagine putting a leather jacket on now! God I miss the cool weather though. I am so bad at the summer. I'm uncomfortable all the time, my face keeps melting off and don't get me started on my hair! I apologise in advance for the lack of workwear posts. I have been wearing the same dresses on repeat the last few weeks at work! Anyway, let's talk about this outfit. I've talked before about my love of this dress. It's such a gorgeous piece. The material is so thick and heavy (which I admit isn't too great at the moment!) and it's very structured. I've been wanted to pair it with with boots and a leather jacket for ages to create a juxtaposition of tough leather and girly pink tweed. Next on my list is pairing it with my nude leather jacket for the evening, and my nude blazer for work.
leather jacket- H&M
boots- Boohoo
necklace- Zalando
So how is your week going? I'm recovering from the loveliest weekend in a long time. As I mentioned my Auntie and Uncle took us to a hotel in Doncaster for the weekend and it was just perfect. My Auntie and I went swimming in the hotel pool on Saturday while my Mum, Dad and Uncle played golf, and then we had an amazing dinner with lots of drinks and catching up. On Sunday we were hoping to have spa treatments but the spa was fully booked, so my Auntie and I headed to Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield. We had a Starbucks, mooched around the shops and then I was treated to far too much makeup in the MAC store (thanks again Auntie Rosemary!). It was an absolutely wonderful weekend. We headed back home and I made mexican quinoa again, and then we watched Crazy Stupid Love before bed. My week has been pretty quiet- pretty much just running and sleeping- but I'm out on Friday night for dinner with the girls and then to my boss' wife's birthday party, and then I'm in Birmingham at the weekend so I'll probably be thankful for a quiet week!
Have a great week!

Charlotte x


  1. I really wish I could dress like this right now. I can't take the heat either and this is rather appalling. What on earth is one supposed to wear?

    I like your boots.


  2. I love this outfit. You really contrasted nicely with the girly dress with all the black and studs! I'm really jealous of your pretty curls. Also, lovin' the Matchbox 20 title- I'm going to go see them for the second time in August!

    Hope you're having a great week.



  3. I adore this dress and I'm tempted to go search for it in the sale! Glad you had such a lovely weekend. I think I'm in need of a similar one. I'm too tired to even work out today :( xxx

  4. Gorgeous, as always Miss! Sounds like you had a fab weekend :)
    Loving those boots btw! NOthing quite like toughening up a girly dress with a biker jacket

  5. Yes! Another Matchbox fan! I went to see them in April and they were unbelievable. I've barely stopped listening to them since!
    I'd love to go and see them again!

    Charlotte x

  6. Love the boots, I could wear that look now here, stupid winter haha. xx


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