Cold Season

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. If I'm honest, I've been MIA from life the last few days. I came down with an absolutely horrible cold on Saturday, and you know how usually when someone has a cold you think (well I think), oh a cold isn't that bad - get on with it? This was like the mother of all colds. If Monday hadn't been my first day back at work after nearly 2 weeks off I would undoubtedly have stayed in bed. I haven't been to choir, left the office at lunch for the first time today and, worst of all, haven't exercised for almost a week. I feel absolutely awful when I don't exercise, and 5 days off has been a real killer, but with nothing to train for at the moment (except for the Great Manchester Run which I signed up for the other day), I decided I could cope with a few days rest. And I felt so miserable trying to exercise would have been a mistake. I've had a few quiet days at home, sleeping and reading a lot (and watching a LOT of Parks and Recreation) and I'm finalllly feeling better. I'm definitely gonna try to get a strength workout in tomorrow and tackle park run on Saturday morning. I'm trying to do it every week before I move out cause the nearest one to our new flat is a bus journey away, and while I'm still going to go as much as I can, I know I'll miss it being around the corner!
jeans- Topshop
jumper- c/o Hush
boots - c/o Timberlands
scarf- ASOS
furry jacket - Quiz
This outfit came about completely by accident and I loved it but it didn't really photograph as well as I would have liked. I basically live in the combination of jeans, this stripey jumper and these boots, and of course, I threw them on for a lazy day on Boxing Day. However, Phil and I decided to hit the sales so I put on this furry jacket which was lying about as I wore it on Christmas Day and added my favourite scarf and unexpectedly loved it! I don't wear this jacket much as I never think it's warm enough to be a coat alone but it's too thick to wear under anything, but I wear it a lot as an evening jacket in the winter time. 

I feel like this week has flown by. It could be because most evenings this week I've felt so ill I've basically gone straight to bed but I'm glad I'm feeling better for the weekend. Tomorrow Phil and I are going on our third cinema trip of the week (we saw The Theory of Everything and Birdman one after the other at the cinema on Saturday) to see Foxcatcher. I am so excited. It's been the film I've been most excited about this season. And on Saturday my friend Ellen is coming to visit. I'm going to take her to see our flat in Manchester even though we can't go instead - less than 5 weeks to go though!

Hope you're having a lovely week.

Charlotte x

PS. I've managed to convince my team to start watching Parks and Recreation and they all love it. Today we decided we needed a new team philosophy...


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better now, you'll get there :) 5 weeks! Crazy. Ash and I have still got a strict old 2 years ahead of us before we can even consider our own place... and we've already lived together at Mum and Dads for 5 and a half years. Gaaaaahhhh

  2. Yeah I can't wait! We're only renting for now but I want to buy somewhere in two years or so but for now we both want to live in the city centre and we definitely wouldn't want to buy in the city!
    Two years is a long time but it's a great time to take advantage of living at home and the money you're saving! Can't believe it's been 5 and a half years!

    Charlotte x

  3. Oh my! That's a lovely scarf. I'm a scarf addict, so please bear with me, hehe
    And the overall outfit looks absolutely gorgeous. The coat looks very cozy.

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