Well the day is (almost!) here - Phil and I are moving in together tomorrow. I'm almost completely packed and the conservatory is full of boxes and bin bags and piles. 

I'm nervous, excited, stressed, panicky, relieved and everything inbetween. In some respects it feels like this big, scary, life-changing thing but more than anything else it doesn't feel scary at all - it just feels natural and exciting. I cannot wait to see Phil every day. For us to live together and really start our lives together.

The next few days are going to be stressful beyond belief. All the list-writing and box-packing and research I've done isn't going to prepare me for the days ahead. Things are going to go wrong. I'm going to get stressed and panicky and things aren't going to go according to plan. But at the end of it I'll be settled into our gorgeous flat that we've been giddy about since we saw it in December. With the bedding we chose together, pans and plates and cutlery that we picked the two of us, and the daft quirky bits we've bought each other in preparation for moving in together.

It's going to be a bit quiet over here for the next few weeks. We're sorting out our TV and internet this week but even then it'll probably be a few weeks before we have our internet set up.

Then I promise, promise a flat tour. And after that I'll hopefully find somewhere to take outfit photos!

Until then I can guarantee I'll be posting a bazillion photos on Instagram so make sure you follow me - @girlnextdoorfashion .

See you on the other side!

Charlotte x


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