Everything you should know before you move in with me

Dear Phil,
We move in together in less than three days! I'm so excited! We've found our perfect little flat, bought a TV, picked bedding together and even set up a joint account. We've started packing, starting correlating our DVDs and everything is starting to get very real and exciting.
However, there are a few things I need to tell you. I might not be the easiest person to live with.
So to save you any initial shock I decided to put together a list of things you need to know before you come over on Wednesday...

  • There will be hair grips everywhere. In the shower. On the floor. In cupboards. In bags. In pockets. Everywhere. Except when I need one and I'll tear the place down trying to find one.
  • I'm kind of messy. In an organised-chaos kind of way. Everything will be in piles, but god knows what's in the piles.
  • I pick off my nail polish as soon as it starts to chip. I leave a trail of pink and red wherever I go.
  • I eat things way past their sell-by. If it looks alright and smells alright, it's probably fine (weirdly, I was the completely opposite before I went to uni, but that's what paying for your own food will do to you).
  • The shower will contain at least three bottles of conditioner. Two will be almost empty, but I won't quite be ready to commit to throwing them out.
  • I food shop like it's the end of the world. If I have two sweet potatoes left I'll be buying another bag. Only three tins of tomatoes left? Better get two more. And I can't go shopping without buying a tin of chickpeas. Heaven forbid.
  • I'm incredibly tight. I'll resent an extra £1 here or 50p there. As a result though I'm reallllly good with money. I just need some help loosening up a bit sometimes.
  • I won't buy chocolate and then complain that we don't have any chocolate.
  • I have no idea how often grown ups are supposed to change the bed.
  • I'm usually in bed by 9.30, and sleepy by 9. Staying up after 10 in the week gets me quite stressed out.
  • But I do get up at 5am to do my workouts. I'll try to be quiet.
  • I can't sleep in at the weekend. 9am on a Sunday is quite indulgent for me.
  • I have some pretty awful workout leggings that I wear for my morning workouts that nobody but my family has ever seen. They never leave the house.
  • I meal plan like a maniac. I can tell you on Monday what's for dinner on Friday.
  • Sundays are for long runs and food prep. 
  • My iPod is basically just emo from 2005. Let's listen to yours.
  • I am a hoodie and socks thief.
  • I will need you to be in charge of spider catching, dress zipping and necklace untangling. And also fixing anything that I break.
  • Our bed needs to have the decorative cushions added every day. Even though I swore as a teenager I would never have decorative cushions on my bed.
  • I'm always tired.
  • I carry a water bottle round the house at all times. I drink an insane amount of water. And every time you stand up I'll ask you to fill my bottle up.
  • I cry at everything.
  • I start clearing up after dinner before I've finished chewing. I can't leave plates and pans out overnight unwashed.
  • I sleep in my workout clothes for morning efficiency.
  • The freezer will be full of "emergency leftovers" but I'll find it really hard to resort to them even in case of a dinner emergency, in case a worse dinner emergency comes up. 
  • But seeing as I usually cook multiple portions of everything the freezer will fill up with little orange-coloured, indistinguishable bags. But they'll all be nicely labelled (at uni I got sick of defrosting a chilli only to find it was a curry).
  • I can't eat a meal without spilling something down myself. This is why I can't have nice things.
  • I'm obsessed with my sleep app and can only sleep to the sound of "sizzling rain".
  • I have really, really hot showers.
  • I wear things for as long as possible before washing them.
  • If I'm in the house, I'm probably wearing my dressing gown.
  • I will always be worrying about something.
Sure you still want to live with me?


Charlotte x


  1. Lol I can identify with a lot of those! Especially the moaning about having no chocolate and crying at everything! I'm sure there'll be a lot of things you'll have to deal with too, I still havnt come to terms with there being rolled up socks hiding everywhere in the house, and that's after two years...haha

  2. Great Charlotte ... He can't say you didn't warn him ! Have fun !

  3. Still think you and me should move in together and kick the boys out, we'd compliment each other perfectly!! Although it could be slightly dangerous because I think we'd spend all our time planning food and crying over not a lot, and it would be even more dangerous if we combined yours and our (mostly Ben's to be fair) collection of cookbooks, we're up to about 75 now...we need more shelves :/


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