Another trip to Whitby

When you tell people you're going on holiday with your boyfriend, his parents, his little sister, oh and your parents too, there are two reactions. One is, oh my god, are you crazy? The other is wow, you are so lucky.
And we really are. While we didn't get a photo of all seven of us together on the trip, we all had the best best time. We did things together, we did things apart. Dinner at the Magpie with Phil, Suzie and my Mum and Dad. A boat trip the five of us. Catching up, all seven of us, over coffee and cake. A bus tour with my Mum and Dad while Phil and his family went to watch Whitby Town FC. Dracula walk with Phil and my parents. Arcades with Phil and Suzie while my parents went for a walk. All of us eating dinner and watching a terrible play. It was perfect.
And we are so, so lucky. Not just that my parents like Phil, but that they adore him. Not just that I get on with Phil's family, but consider them my family. We are both real family people so it means the world to us that our families have grown. When I speak to people who say they've only met their partner's family a few times, I realise how lucky we both our to have the kind of relationship where we can go on holiday with both sets of parents.
Whitby was beautiful, as always. Fish and chips were as delicious as last year. Most of the sights and smells and fun was the same, but this time we were reminiscing about last year and bringing my parents along too.
Here's to next year's trip to Whitby!


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