...because i love style surveys!!

♥ I skimp when buying: Everything. Well okay, not everything. But I’d rather have lots of cheap clothes than one item. I like New Look shoes, in fact I like New Look in general. But I do like decent quality shoes, but there’s not much I’d snub buying from Primark.

♥ I splurge when buying: Dresses and my amazing jacket collection. Ooh and my new playsuit :]]]

♥ I always break this fashion rule: I don’t believe in a lot of fashion rules. I plan on doing a post on this. Black can be worn with blue, peep toes and tights are okay (my housemate Steph totally disagrees!!) but I’m not a fan of black with blue denim.

♥ I never break this fashion rule: Sweatpants outside of my dance class and I never wear my pajamas outside of my house..

♥ Must have item for Spring 2010: Lots and lots of nudes, lightweight jackets and cardigans, amazing shoes and fake tan.

♥ Favorite store: TopShop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, River Island, H&M and apparently Primark!!

♥ Style icon: I’m also going to do a post on this!! Fearne Cotton, Kate Moss, Zoey Deschanel, Cheryl Cole, Miley Cyrus (no, seriously), people I see on the street, style bloggers….

♥ Most cherished item: Clothes wise? My shoes, jackets, coats and dresses.

♥ Favorite item of clothing: Oh wow. I don’t think I could ever decide. I love my high waisted shorts, all my dress, my amazing skirts… nope, can’t decie!!

♥ Favorite stylish movie: Wow erm.. The Devil Wears Prada, (500) Days of Summer, The Notebook…

♥ Guilty pleasure: Dresses, skirts, shoes… haribo, in fact, all sweets, bright coloured things, Soap and Glory beauty products, Urban Decay makeup, sleeping…

♥ Describe your personal style: hmmm.. I think a few weeks ago I said it was “girly with an edge.” Something like that. I like anything sophisticated with a bit of an edge, lots of black, patterns and leather!!

♥ I feel best wearing: A really pulled together, classic outfit. At the moment, my new playsuit makes me feel amazing.

♥ Personal style quirk: Probably my hair. And the fact that my right wrist holds 3 Leeds weekend wristbands (2007, 2008, and 2009) and I refuse to cut them of…

♥ Most overrated item: Jeggings. Not a fan.

♥ Most underrated item: A simple striped top.

♥ Most stylish city: Hmmm, I feel I can’t say London as I am a Northern girl!! New York, it’s my dream.

♥ Never caught wearing: Sweatpants unless I have a dance class. Generally though, leggings as pants. Urgh.

♥ When I was in high school I wore: Tartan skirts, Vans and Knee socks.

♥ Shine your own shoes? Hahah, no.

♥ Favorite fashion magazine: Glamour. God I love it. I also read Look and More! nearly every week.

♥ Favorite other magazine: I always read my Mum’s YOU magazine.

♥ Skincare, perfume: I never pay much attention to my skincare products; whatever is cheapest in Boots!! Perfume is Ralph Lauren- Ralph for day, Love at First Glow by J.Lo for evening and Armani Diamonds for the rest of the time!!

♥ I always dress my best for: Everything. My friend once said to me “do you never have an off day?” Hmm, usually when I’m hung over or tired!! I do have the occasionally hoodie day!!

Charlotte xxx


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