Brand GNDF!!

Magazines are always telling us to ‘think like a brand’- take down all those facebook photos of you falling over in clubs, remain poised at all times, have a trademark style…

While I’m never going to take down photos of me having fun on a night out (though I do tend to pull a very strange open-mouth-thumb-up pose after a few drinks), I think the idea of a personal trademark is interesting.

CollegeFashion (my favourite favourite blog!!) has done a couple of posts now on this concept (both with Blair Waldorf’s infamous headbands as a starting point!!) and while I don’t think everyone should stick to the same way of dressing everyday, and I think that style and fashion is all about being creative, inspiration and experimenting, I think most style icons, whether we (or they) are consciously aware of it or not often have their own trademarks.

Victoria Beckham and her giant sunglasses

Cherly Cole and her high heels

Kate Moss and her ballet flats

So I started to think about my own trademarks- I say it plurally because I’m pretty sure I have a couple of elements to my style that are completely mine. I think having trademarks and knowing what they are is very useful. You know what you can put together and feel like yourself, and you know if something doesn’t feel very you. Saying that, I’m all for changing your style and mixing it up a bit, I particularly love this post at college fashion. I think my style has been constantly evolving for several years now. As I’ve mentioned before I went through a bit of a punky phase when I was about 15, 16 and I’ve never really lost a lot of that. I think that is a definite element of my style.

One of my trademarks is definitely my hair.

I’ve had blonde and pink hair in several ways since I was about 15, and now it’s sort of a messy blonde/pink/black/red mass, but I love it!! It can be quite limiting sometimes- I can never look especially formal, it’s a nightmare when I’m looking for a job and I’ve only recently bought a red dress because I was scared it would clash!! But I do love it, I’ve had it so long now it’s just a part of me. I’m always “the girl with the pink hair” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact pink in general. I am one of those very pink girls. I have a pink coat, a pink umbrella, pink gloves, a pink suitcase, pink ipod cover, pink headphones, pink GHDs…even my bed covers are pink!! My nails are nearly always pink and I just love the femininity (though it is stereotyped) of all things pink!! My name was recently in the University Newspaper and my friends got very excited that it was on a pink background!! I am definitely a very girly girl, but I have no problem with that!! I may be blonde and blue-eyed smothered in pink but I am no bimbo!!

Along with my pink hair I’ll never even leave the house without black eyeliner. I dunno, my face just looks weird without it!!

Clothes wise, I wear a lot of skirts and dresses so tights are definitely a firm trademark; especially bright coloured or patterned tights. I love wearing them with a plain black or grey dress or under my long black coat. Bright tights are fun and much more interesting than plain black, navy or tan.

More recently I’ve also been really into stripes, I think my inner Wednesday Addams is coming through!! I love a striped black and white top with something simple like black shorts or jeans, or layered under a dress. They’re just edgy without making the outfit too grungy.

I also really, really love bright colours; whether it’s my bright pink coat (which in itself is a bit of a trademark), bright tights, or a brightly coloured dress or skirt. I love to stand out and even when I do wear all black and try and wear something bright to stand out!! I’m a huge fan of pink, especially worn with navy (I wear this a lot on spring and summer), blue and yellow.

Wow I seem to have more than I thought, because I also love cardigans and jackets. Not just to keep warm, oh no!! I hate having a great outfit and then I realise I’m going to be cold and I have nothing to go with it (this is the same reason why I have so many pairs of shoes!!)I have the same cardigan in four different colours, as well as four black cardigans of varying lengths, two leather jackets, several blazers, and five coats!! I don’t really have a go-with-everything cardigan or jacket, I just have several for all occasions!!

And in general I really like wearing something girly with an edge. I nearly always wear pearls to give everything a sort of classiness, but the rest of my outfit is usually black or very bright usually involving ankle boots and my general style is quite edgy; lots of studs and leather. But I also love pretty nudes and tutu skirts, and my style is evolving into something that seems to bring together the two.

Check out CF’s post on this, and I also think the post over there on Creating a Wardrobe that’s Completely Yours is pretty inspiring!!

Let me know what you think :]]]




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