This Week I...

- ate delicious Mexican food at Surf taco
- braved going out on a date wearing my glasses
- actually got really into wearing my glasses!
- had a really great night out at Hooks Bar
- was sad that the karaoke machine broke RIGHT BEFORE my song 
- enjoyed my first Little Beer shot!
- had a lot of fun at staff breakfast on Wednesday morning
- went to the boardwalk after work with amazing people for amazing pizza
- and a deep-fried brownie (not as good as it sounds but it had to be done!)
- went to bed at 8.30pm on Wednesday night
- had my second rescue! (this one was actually kinda scary. The guy was  a grown man and almost double my size, plus it was in a bigger pool than my last rescue. I have never swum so fast in my life!)
- counted down the days until my road trip!
- ate lunch looking out over the ocean
- ate more dippin dots!
- had a delicious sushi date on Thursday
- teamed up with Josh to name all 151 pokemon. It took us about an hour and a lot of head-scratching, but this might be my greatest achievement to date
- had a really, really fun party at our house on Friday night
- got two new housemates! They're super-fun though, and fitted in perfectly during our party!
- drove (and by that I mean, sat in the passenger seat and napped) four and a half hours to go visit my Breakwater Beach BFF Bri at school in Pennsylvania yesterday
- enjoyed watching her play field hockey!
- got far too over-excited about unlimited soup, salad and breadstick at Olive Garden
- and then got even more excited about drive-thru starbucks!
- ordered my NJ necklace to match my MN one

- had one of the best weeks I've had since I've been here. Lots of fun dates and time with my friends! I'm starting to get really, really sad about leaving NJ so I'm trying to enjoy it all as much as possible! I'm off for froyo tonight but I'll be back tomorrow!


  1. all looks fantastic girly! so much yummy food x

  2. that taco looks frikkin fantastic!!! i'm glad you're enjoying yourself! i actually think i could name all 151 pokemon very quickly but im not sure that would be something to be proud of...might try it haha. hope you enjoy your road trip when it comes around!! x

  3. Loooking at this pic on empty stomach is not a good idea! Sooo hungry!


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