Favourite Work Outfit

As the title of this post suggests, this is my favourite work outfit. I'd been stuck in a bit of a workwear rut of pencil skirts and blazers and fortunately there was an article in the paper on workwear which really helped to inspire me again! One of the things that really inspired me was an outfit with a little boucle jacket. I was telling my Mum about a red one I'd seen online when she said "I've got a red boucle jacket!" and it's been in my wardrobe every since! I love creating new work outfits- I wear this one about once a week. Of course, the messy bun is standard. The reason my bun is always messy is literally because I don't know how to do it neatly! I might invest in one of those doughnut things but I quite like using a sock because I find the rolling method easier, but maybe a doughnut is the way forward! Any tips on a neat sock bun? I usually do one of the rolling methods, either this one or this one, but even though I'm growing my layers out I have major problems tucking them in! I always end up with loads of leftover bits to pin in!
trousersNew Look
white shirtc/o Oasap
red boucle jacketNext (stolen from Mum!)
necklaceForever 21
heelsMarks and Spencers
I don't know how I ended up going a week without updating- to make things worse I actually have five posts planned that I just haven't gotten around to writing! I had a busy week last week- I was on training for work and then I had my photography class, went for my friend Shaunagh's for tea on Wednesday, went for dinner with Eve on Thursday, went to Jenny's mum's birthday party on Friday, went out on Saturday night and then yesterday went to see family, went to Shaunagh's for tea and biscuits and then Oli came over for a mini Breaking Bad marathon. I've just got Netflix and after spending 4(!) hours setting it up on Saturday I'm trying to make the most of it. And before you think I'm stupid for taking so long to set it up, I ended up having a HDMI port on my TV and not on my laptop, and a VGA port on my laptop and not on the TV and it took me a trip to Maplin, £60 spent on equipment, a call to Netflix and another call to Maplin to get it set up. I won't go into details but I'm so happy to finally have it set up. I really want to watch House of Cards!
I have a much less busy week planned this week (though I am going giving blood for the first time on Thursday- any advice is much appreciated cause I'm a bit nervous!) so I should be back to updating. Unless I get sucked into House of Cards...

Charlotte x


  1. I love that this outfit is sophisticated and so classic but feels young and your youth shines!

  2. love that jacket!!!!!


  3. This outfit looks wonderful on you! I love it! Hope giving blood goes well for you. I can't do that because I am anemic and could pass out while getting it done, but I think it is a wonderful thing when people are able to do it! Netflix is wonderful! I've been using it for 8 years!


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