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While I was at uni, I always always brought a packed lunch (I also always brought my own teabags so I could get hot water for 15p instead of paying £1.10 for tea, but that's another story of my money-saving obsessiveness). At uni I often had much more time to pack a lunch, so I'd often make fancy roasted vegetable and goat's cheese sandwiches or fry up some fajita veggies for a wrap. Plus I always ensured I had lots of snacks! (I am such a little-and-often eater!). Now I'm working, I don't have quite as much time in the morning to make lunch but I also don't want to be paying for lunch every day! 
As you guys had been really enjoying my posts on my work outfits, I thought a post on some of the lunches I take to work might be fun too. This is only a small selection of some of the different things I take to work with me- I actually realised afterwards that my favourite salad (quorn pieces, craisins and goat's cheese with homemade honey lemon dressing) doesn't feature! Maybe I'll have to do another one of these. We have a microwave at work so I sometimes take soup or leftovers (last week I had leftover veggie burgers on salad which were just as good cold!) when I can't be bothered making anything in the morning. I always take an apple for with lunch, and a morning and afternoon snack. Urban Fruit is great to have on my desk to snack on throughout the day too. I was sent a few bags of Urban Fruit by my friend Hannah to sample a few weeks ago and they are perfect for on your desk! The pineapple (weirdly, not pictured, is my favourite) and I also had mango, superberry and cherry. My other favourite snacks are cheesy snackajacks, cereal bars, cheese strings and nuts and raisins.
Here are some of my packed lunches from the past few weeks...
egg sandwich, urban fruit super beryy mix, apple
tuna salad (inspired by my favourite Subway filling with sweet onion relish, onion, tomatoes and gherkins), urban fruit mango, apple.
as you can see, I love apples! I'm a bit of a little kid though and I like them cut up, so I cut them up and put them in a sandwich bag with some lemon juice to prevent browning.
Veggie burger salad- cut-up veggie burger, cheese, gherkins, tomatoes, onions fried in frylight, ketchup and mayo.
broccoli, tomato, feta and chickpea salad with homemade baked croutons and balsamic glaze.
tomato soup, roasted chickpeas with taco seasoning (which I found don't stay crispy at work!), apple (obviously!) and go ahead! bars.

What are your favourite things to take in a packed lunch?

Charlotte xxx


  1. mmm I love Urban Fruit especailly the mango and pineapple mix! Your lunches look so lovely! I'm lucky enough to have an amazing canteen at work... unlucky for my waist line though :D xxx

  2. I am so bad with packing my lunch, though I'm fairly good at packing snacks so I only buy one meal a day if I buy a meal (i'm gone from home from 7:30 am to like 10 pm many days). I love taking dried fruit strips, granola thins, nuts, and sometimes I snack baggy crackers. I have saved myself a lot of money by buying drinks in bulk to avoid buying soda+coffee at school. Oh and the chickpeas might hold up better in a container with a seal. =D

  3. Your lunches look delicious! I make a big effort to bring a lunch with me to campus or work, I find I save a lot of money and time that way! I'm also happy to see I'm not the only one who still cuts their apples into slices (I also find it easier to eat them because I wear a lot of bright and bold lipsticks).


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