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I am my own worst enemy. I spend so much time working hard towards my goals in various aspects of my life, and as soon as I reach them, I started worrying that I'm going to mess things up again. Things are great right now and I really should be focusing on that, but instead I'm worrying! After a great week at work last week, and an amazing weekend in Birmingham with my favourite people, this week has been a bit of a comedown. Yesterday I was frustrated at work because I wasn't hitting my targets as quickly as I did the previous week and I ended up making it more difficult for myself by trying too hard. Instead of relaxing and letting it happen, I panicked. Panicked that I was going to undo all my hard work. Panicked that it was fluke and I wouldn't be able to replicate the results of the week before. It wasn't until I had a long talk with my boss that I accepted that I was being way too hard on myself. I know, deep down, that I'm doing really well at work, but having targets is hard for me because I'm really bad at failure! I want to be hitting them quickly every week. But I know I need to start stepping back and just enjoy life. I've got a good job that I love, with good prospects for the future, I have amazing friends and I've just started a great new relationship. I should be enjoying this time, not worrying about messing it up! Do any of you have any advice for letting go of worrying and being more present?
shirt- Topshop
skirt- Boohoo
shoes- Topshop
jacket- H&M
necklace-Forever 21
Anyway, back on the lighter stuff! This outfit started out as an idea about 3 weeks ago and finally materialized the week before last. I wanted something a bit more fun for work and wanted to step outside my standard uniform of black and white. I bought this skirt right before I started work (I also have it in maroon) but it's very very clingy so I'd been a little unsure about it. It does show absolutely everything but I love it so much I couldn't send it back. I decided to pair it with my pink shirt (which I got for my 18th birthday!) and shock horror, a different pair of shoes from my usual black courts. I'm not 100% sure about the jacket, but it wasn't really warm enough to go without. I'd like to try this outfit again for summer without the jacket and black tights!
I'm spending the night relaxing and starting week 2 of 6 Week 6 Pack. I've been busy every night this week so it's nice to have a night in! I had photography on Monday, cooked for Shaunagh last night, tomorrow I have a work event and Friday Oli and I are going out for dinner. Always busy!
Have a great night whatever you're doing!

Charlotte x


  1. You are an amazing person and really kick butt! You sound like you are so determined and that is awesome!

  2. Love this outfit, and I can't wait to see it in the summer! Sounds like life is really good right now, enjoy it :)

  3. Sometimes I think that's the only necklace you own

  4. They're gorgeous! I'm going to have to hunt down a similar pair

  5. I want your shoes <3

  6. Hey you are looking very beautiful in this outfit. It's really suits to your personality.

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