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These photos are from a few weeks ago now. It was during the awkward post-spring, pre-summer phase over the last bank holiday weekend, I was stuck in the middle of my shopping ban and I was just completely uninspired. So I did what I always do when I'm uninspired, completely stole an outfit from someone else. In this case, Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky who wore an outfit just like this a few months ago. Sincerest form of flattery, right? Also I assure you there are times that I don't wear this skirt. The shirt on the other hand? Might have worn it both days this weekend. Sorry not sorry.
striped top- Primark
galaxy skirt- Modcloth
necklace- Topshop
leather jacket- H&M
ballet flats- New Look
How is your weekend going? Mine has been another quiet one, but I'm totally okay with that! Yesterday I got up, did my workout and then went out with my Mum to look for birthday presents for her. Then we had our semi-monthly two-film Saturday. We watched The Fighter and then Drive. Drive was good but as a person who doesn't like gory films it was a bit too violent for me! I'd seen The Fighter before but I just think it's a fantastic film and Christian Bale definitely deserved that Oscar! Today I've been out for my run and done my workout and I'm going out on usual Sunday errands today- food shopping, family visiting and to pick up my Mum's present that we ordered yesterday, and I'm also gonna have a look for some proper running trainers in the Adidas outlet shop. And then come home and get some work done for work tomorrow. I guess not that quiet really!
Hope you have a brilliant weekend! I have some more workwear outfits to post about this week that I'm really excited about!

Charlotte x


  1. This is such a cool outfit! I love your galaxy skirt so much and really enjoy seeing you remix it. The pattern works surprisingly well with the striped top!


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