May (and a bit of April) in Photos

I really miss my Week in Photos posts, but I really got out of the habit of using Instagram and kept finding myself having weeks of just 3 or 4 photos, so I've decided to do a little Instagram round up at the end of the month. Here's what I've been up to in May (and April)!

 1. Sweet potato and piri piri prawns
One of my favourite mid-week dinners. The recipe is here.
2. Mexican feast
Shaunagh and I made this a few weeks ago when my parents were away, inspired by Annebeth who posted the recipe on her blog.
3. Godfather Trilogy Weekend
Eve and I had really good intentions. We said we'd watch all three. Then just the first two cause the last one is rubbish. In the end we only made it through the first one, but this is to be resumed!
 4. I'm a student again!
So excited to have an ID badge from the local college where I'm doing my photography course
5. Jumping on the pinafore bandwagon
6. Current obsession
Whittards tea is amazing. I have this one at work and at home I have the Peach Melba and my favourite, Cranberry and Raspberry.
 7 . Berlin guidebook
I'm off to Berlin with my friend Shaunagh in August. Recommendations?
8. Blast from the past at my Nan's house
Nobody think this looks like me. I assure you, this is me.
9. Saturday afternoon cider and black on a sunny Saturday
10. Pink eyeshadow
From this post
11. Heart rate monitor for accurately assessing my workouts
12. Lunch
Chickpea, sundried tomato and feta salad. 
 13. Veggie burger, black bean, feta and sweetcorn salad with salsa
14. Pub night outfit
15. Veggie strifry with prawns, salmon and cauliflower rice.
 16. Ambitious breakfast
Poached egg, avocado and cherry tomatoes on toast
17. New favourite cookbook
18. Bought my first suspended coffee!
I think I was one of the first people to order one at Piccadilly Starbucks- my barista had to ask what to do! It's really great to do a good thing.
 19. Amazing lunch
This is the Sea platter from Walrus in the Northern Quarter. One of the best lunches I've had for ages.
20. Saturday night film
21. Successful green smoothie!
Banana, yoghurt, honey, almond milk, pineapple and spinach.
My current weekend uniform with jeans and converse.
23. Quorn caesar
Quorn pieces, cucumber, caesar dressing mixed with greek yoghurt and homemade baked garlic croutons
24. Finally seeing The Great Gatsby
I definitely agree that it lacked the nuances and themes of the book, but a very good film nonetheless.
25-26. New No7 makeup bits
I've really been struggling with my combination skin lately and my foundation hasn't helped, so I went to the No7 counter in Boots and had that cool thing where they find your perfect foundation colour. I got a new Beautifully Matte foundation, primer and a moisturiser and I've noticed such a difference.
27. First 99 of the summer
Not proud to say I listened to the ice cream van approaching for about 10 minutes before running up the road in my slippers... 
 28. Back to the Future Trilogy
Having never seen any of the Back to the Future films all the way through I borrowed them from Jon at work. We've watched all three the last few weekends.
29. Officially signed up for next year's Great Manchester Run
Now I have to do it!
30. Broccoli and caulliflower burrito from Thug Kitchen
Totally worth going out at 7.30am to buy broccoli and roasting it for 40 minutes. And if you've never read Thug Kitchen you are missing out.
31. New favourite breakfast
Recipe here. I used black beans and salsa and baked it in the oven. So easy and yummy.
32. Friday night
33. Quinoa porridge with berries
Another great breakfast. Inspired by Thug Kitchen.
 34. Chickpea and carrot pittas from Hugh for lunch yesterday
Recipe here
35-36. Ready for Kris' American themed birthday party last night!
37. Golfing with my parents this morning
My parents are big golfers and they had a non-golfers competition today at their club so I went along. I actually really enjoyed it and am considering getting back into golf! (After the photography, and the second language and all the other things I want to do!)
38. Summer= froyo
Plain froyo is my favourite, this time with chocolate chips and raspberries
39. Sweet potato and peanut butter stew
Recipe coming soon!


  1. All your food looks so delicious! And Thug Kitchen is SO GOOD

  2. Long instagram posts are really nice. We're all a nosy bunch, I suppose. Your food photographs are particularly great.



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