Feeling Grey

Red coat, tartan skirt, tall boots and a jumper with my blog name on.  This is my perfect winter outfit. I'm also determined to be a hat person. I bought this hat last year and started wearing it recently purely for practicality- it keeps my head warm! But I do think it's really cute. And it goes with my panda gloves (I am a child). Also, winter means red lipstick. I've not really been wearing lipstick recently because well, boyfriend, lipstick= messy. I'm also rubbish at generally keeping lipstick on. One drink or a snack and I've smudged it all over my face and I end up getting bored and wiping it off! I've been so low maintenance lately. This was the first time I'd curled my hair for weeks. It gets to the weekend and I just want to be comfortable.
red coat- Warehouse
girl next door jumper- Vacant Clothing via ASOS
tartan skirt- Target
boots- Debenhams
gloves- River Island
hat- Accessorize
necklace- Zalando
How's your week been? I'm kinda stressy this week, so instead of going to the Christmas markets again last night Phil and I stayed in, ordered a pizza and started to watch When Harry Met Sally (I've never seen it!). In the end, his housemate Simon got back and we were having such a good laugh that we turned the film off and just had a chat. It was definitely the night in I needed. This weekend Phil and I are going out for dinner with some of his friends and then going to see Singin' In The Rain at the theatre. I can't wait- I've heard really great reviews. I've also got lots of blogging and running to catch up on this weekend.
Can you believe it's December on Sunday? I feel so unprepared this year. I haven't got any presents yet, and I've only just got my advent calendar. I reckon some Christmas music next week will get me in the mood!

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Charlotte x


  1. You look fab!
    Ooh, very jealous of Singin' in the Rain :)

    Rosie x

  2. A few weeks ago yes! I didn't like the reddy colour it was last time so I've gone back to dark brown it was a few months ago. I'm finally happy with the colour now!

    Charlotte x

  3. One of my fave outfits of yours recently miss! I love everything about it. You hair is looking fab! Have a good weekend

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. Great look! Love tartan, need more in my wardrobe. jealous you'll get to see Singin in the Rain soon

  5. Love the outfit! Festive and warm! I put something similar together the other day

  6. Great outfit hun, love the tartan! xx

  7. so beautiful!! nice winter fashion style. the red color is very good looking.


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