October in Photos

Yeah, it's the 14th of November and I'm posting October in Photos. First up, some excuses- busy, tired, had flu all week. Now, onto the photos.

1. Winter running jacket
I've been after a lightweight jacket for cold, wet days and this one is perfect. You can also attach an LED light to the back for running in the dark. It's this one if you're interested!
2. Because, Zefron
I made my Dad watch this with me and half way through he said "I've seen this before!" I have him well trained.
3. Fall out boy tickets
Because my taste in music hasn't changed since I was 14. 
4. Best park run time yet
Still trying to break that 30 minute mark!
5. Adidas leggings
Again part of my winter running kit. Post coming soon!
6. Tiny Dominos pizza
We had unexpected Dominos at work a few weeks ago and I'd already brought a salad. So I had both. Obviously. 
7. Train supplies
Tea and Women's Running Magazine
8. Wetherspoons Veggie Breakfast Wrap
For the morning after the night before
The ice cream van turned up on a lazy Sunday when I'd just got back from a busy weekend in Birmingham. I had all the sherbert. 
10. Lovely 5 mile run
Every now and again I have one of those runs that reminds me why I love running. This was one of those.
11. More winter running bits
Headband, warm socks and gloves.
12. More running tops.
£6 from Sports Direct! The website is much less scary than the shop. 
13. Reading Doctor Sleep
I finished this a few weeks ago and have continued with the Stephen King theme. I'm now reading 11/22/63 and it's excellent.
14. No wifi= reading time
15. One more winter running top
16. Fajitas for dinner
I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted fajitas for dinner. Suddenly everyone wanted fajitas. Fajitas= best food ever.
17. Haven't done my hair like this since I was 19.
Wonky fringe problems
18. Runners shopping basket
Bagels, milkshake mix, cashew nut butter, eggs, lucozade and jelly babies. 
19. Party time
20. Afternoon tea outfit
I couldn't decide what to wear for Afternoon tea, so I thought of my favourite Afternoon-tea-loving-lady, Miss Purvis, and went for a floral tea dress and big furry coat.
21. Afternoon tea at Betty's in Harrogate. 
We had a lovely trip to Betty's a few weeks ago. Lots of lovely cakes, sandwiches and good company.
22. Yuppi the guide dog puppy
My auntie and uncle are currently guide dog puppy parents for the second time around. This is Yuppi. We took him to afternoon tea with us and he was so good sitting under the table. What a cutie.
23. Chip butties=food of the gods.
24. omggggggg Alexandra Heminsley followed me on Twitter!
You might remember me reading her book, Running like a Girl, last month. Total legend. 
25. Banana milk
Because I'm actually 5. And because I heard it was great to drink after a run. And because I'm actually 5.
26. Homemade salmon burgers for lunch
We had bread crusts and salmon leftover so I just threw it in the food processor with as many Thai-style things as I could find- some Thai red curry paste, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice... voila- salmon burgers!
27. Not even a bit ashamed
They were mint. 
28. The best third-date gift ever
Phil and I bonded on our first date over our love of Tom Hanks, and I told him I'd never seen Philadelphia. I thought he was joking when he said I had to see it and that he would buy it for me. But lo and behold, on our third date he turned up with a wrapped present! What a sweetie. I watched it a few days later, and yes, I cried my eyes out.
29. Mid-week cocktails
30. Finally getting winter running-wear right!
After buying all kinds of new winter running things, I found myself overheating very quickly and struggled to get my running clothes right. I finally found that shorts, a long-sleeved top, gloves and a headband are perfect when it's not quite cold enough for leggings. 
Perfect post- run breakfast with homemade guacamole and salsa.
 I was looking for a reflective bracelet for morning running when I came across this. I don't carry any ID when running so this is perfect to make sure I can be identified if anything happens to me while out running. Mine has my name, in case of emergency contacts, blood type and that I'm an organ donor. I feel much safer now when I run in the morning. 
33. Pink flashing hi-vis vest
Because who says they have to be yellow?
34. First foray into protein powder
35. And my first attempt at peanut butter protein bars
I followed this recipe. Perfect for after a run or as an afternoon snack.
36. Cinema contraband. 
37. Sunday evening cinema trip
How great is Captain Phillips? I love Tom Hanks
38. More midweek cocktails
39. New favourite breakfast
This is based on a Cookin Canuck recipe. I just layer up greek yoghurt, muesli, honey and berries in a big mug. Yummy. 
40. Post-run breakfast
Poached eggs, ranchero sauce and Runner's World.
41. New winter coat
42. Met the Chuckle Brothers. NBD.
I walked into the main office at work a few weeks ago and found everyone looking out of the window. Jon had joked that the Chuckle Brothers were outside, but it was starting to look like it was actually them. Kris and I went downstairs to investigate and I stood with her while she pretended to have a cigarette. As soon as we got outside I said "it's definitely them" and then out of the blue, Kris just shouted "Barry!" and Barry Chuckle turned around and waved. Then people started to come out of their buildings to have pictures taken with them and we couldn't resist... 
43-45. Saturday night in
A few weeks ago Phil and I had a Jack Nicholson-themed night in, with a dinner of salmon and rice, followed by sweets. I love a good night in and this was perfect (although Phil wouldn't let me have sweets before dinner. His parents are dentists) 
46. Alcoholic hot chocolate
We wanted to spike it with mint schnapps but we couldn't get any, so we went for orange liquer instead. We're planning on making mint schnapps in a few weeks though!
47. Seven mile run
My longest run so far. This one was tough, but I'm over half way to my half marathon distance now!
48. Things-I-Found-in-the-fridge salad
Chickpeas, roasted butternut squash, goat's cheese, roasted onions and sundried tomatoes. I've been asked a few times to write a post about salads- I promise it's coming. 
49. Join a charity choir, get free biscuits
I've joined a charity choir and we practice on a Monday night. I absolutely love it. It's so much fun and I can't wait for us to perform. We're going to be singing at hospitals and nursing homes and raising money for various charities.
50. My Halloween contribution- skull earrings
51. Leftover Halloween sweets
Apparently we only had one group of trick or treaters. More sweets for me!


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