Leather Pencil Skirt Mark II

These photos are from a few weeks ago (spot the poppy!), a few days after this post. I was really inspired to find new ways to wear my leather pencil skirt for work, and I really love this outfit too. I haven't worn this shirt for ages, but I tend to gravitate towards maroon, navy, mustard and greys as the weather gets colder, and it as also an excuse to wear these maroon heels which I think will become a workwear staple over the next few months (they kinda look black in the photos but they are definitely maroon.
shirt- New Look
leather pencil skirt- c/o Lavish Alice
blazer- H&M
heels- New Look
It's weird posting more than once in a week- I don't feel like I have much to say! Phil and I went to the Manchester Christmas markets last night which was really fun. We got all wrapped up in our coats and scarves and had some yummy food, chocolate-covered fruit and finished off with alcoholic hot chocolate. I had mine with Baileys and it was delicious! I've got a bit of a quiet one planned this weekend. Steph is coming round tomorrow for dinner, saving me from a night home alone, and on Saturday my cousin are I are going out for dinner. I'm also hoping to get back into running (I'm planning a post the challenges of recovering after being ill) and I think I'm seeing Phil on Sunday. We're almost getting there with the loft conversion at home too (which is going to be my new room!) so I've just got some boxes and bits to sort out this weekend. I'm considering selling some bits of my clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore on eBay- would you guys be interested in that?
(sorry these photos are kind of wonky! Stupid tripod!)
I finally finished my book yesterday (I was reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King which was brilliant but over 800 pages!) so I've finally gotten around to reading Gone Girl after hearing really great reviews (and also I heard David Fincher is directing the film!). I reckon I can get a few pages read tonight. If you're a book nerd like me, make sure you add me on Goodreads!

And finally, in other news, Michelle just sent me a link to an article about Sasha Obama causing an internet storm by wearing a unicorn jumper- the exact same one as mine
Starting trends right here!
Have a great evening!

Charlotte x


  1. LOVE this look hun. And I've just started reading Gone Girl too... couple chapters in and I'm scared!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. Such a cute outfit! Very professional looking!

    Emma x


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