Half Marathon Training: Running Kit Update

I wrote a post a few months ago about my half marathon running kit and over the last few weeks I've added a few more pieces that I wanted to show you! You can read my original post here.

I told you another one of these would be coming up! I thought I was pretty much set with my kit when I wrote my last post, but I have picked up a few bits since Christmas so my kit is continuing to grow! As I said last time, I'm still a real beginner and I still haven't really bought much for "fun" yet (although I am definitely after some new fancy trainers after my half marathon) but I think that's my next step. Here are the new additions to my kit...
Ever since I saw Rosie's Galaxy-print running leggings, I've been desperate for a pair. The ones she has are actually out of stock, so my Nan got me these ones for Christmas. They're much more exciting than my plain black leggings! They're cotton though instead of lycra so I only wear them when it's extra cold.
Ah I love my Garmin so much! I realised I needed a GPS watch after my last 10K when I realised between my music and my Endomondo app, my phone was down to 29% battery by the end of my race. Phil offered to get me a GPS watch for Christmas and I cheekily asked him for this one. This is pretty much the most basic GPS watch that Garmin do. Because I have my Polar HRM I didn't need one that had a heart rate monitor or any fancy options. It literally just shows my distance, time and bleeps once a mile to tell me what my time was for the mile. I also have it on autopause for when I stop at traffic lights or something. There are other settings I haven't tried yet, like choosing a pace and getting it to bleep when you're above or beyond that pace. It's dead simple but I love it. I just plug it into my laptop to charge it and then I can update my Endomondo profile from there.
I felt having a running belt made me a proper runner. I bought this when I was finding I needed a boost at distances over 9 miles. My leggings don't have pockets and I wanted to take jelly babies with me, so I bought this belt. It has two 500ml bottles and three little pockets (which I've used for my phone and jelly babies but could also fit a key). Once I got it tight enough it was fine on my waist and didn't bother me at all.
Leggings and top c/o Matalan
And the most recent addition to my running kit! I have to admit, when Matalan got in touch about their new Activewear collection I didn't have very high expectations. I expected the leggings to be cotton and had mentally prepared them for my indoor workouts (I like my leggings to be stretchy and made of something breathable for running). But when the items arrived, I was so impressed! I went for the Active Tshirt and Active Leggings and they're both made of lovely stretchy, lycra-style fabic and the tshirt has mesh areas for extra breathability. I also love the extra touch of the leggings having a stripe in the same colour as the top- I love some co-ordination! I'm really glad I can wear these leggings for running cause I have a habit of splashing through puddles when I'm running and my leggings are constantly in the wash. And look how flipping bright that top is...
Next on my list, new trainers! I am kind of ready for a new pair now (I've done about 350 miles in mine so they're on their last legs) but I don't want to have to wear in a new pair before my race. My current pair were £18 so I'm excited to get a fancy pair!


  1. oooo, that watch sounds NICE! I love that it will beep to let you know when you've reached a mile and what your time was! I think I need to get myself one of these. :)

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