Singin' in the Rain

striped top- Primark
leather jacket- Boohoo
necklace- Topshop
skirt- c/o Rare London
wellies- Hunter
Do you know when you have a really great idea for blog photos and they just don't really work? That's kind of what happened here. I wasn't initially planning on wearing my wellies but it was raining outside so I popped them on to walk to the shops and quite liked how they looked. And then I decided if I was going to take photos with my wellies on I should really be outside. But that I would need my umbrella. Which looks like the kind of umbrella you might find accompanied by a ten year old girl. So all in all, I'm not totally sure about these photos. I do quite like this outfit though. I love a bright floral print and I love me some mixed prints. However it wasn't very wet for the rest of the day so I felt a bit daft in wellies. They're also super heavy and walking in them can be a bit of a challenge!
Thank you for all your birthday wishes. I've had a lovely, but busy week. Thankfully, this weekend has been fairly quiet. I had my first run since my race yesterday (it wasn't great! My body was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WE RAN 13 MILES TWO WEEKS AGO!") and then had my hair cut and coloured and had a much-needed night in with Phil. Today we went shopping for new trainers for me as my lovely £18 Reeboks have done over 400 miles now and were in desperate need of replacing. I went to have my gait analysis at Sweatshop and chose a bright pink New Balance pair. I've been out in them today and it's been a bit weird running in new trainers, but Sweatshop have a 30 days guarantee which is great if they're not right. Definitely recommend going to get a fitting- buying new trainers is so intimidating!
Hope your weekend has been lovely!

Charlotte x


  1. I actually like the red rain boots with this outfit! It's a very cute look for a rainy day. I'm loving the cool print mixing and your adorable umbrella too.


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