Day to Night with Duo Boots

When I worked at my old job, I always wore heels to work. Well, that's not strictly true. I always wore heels at work. I came to work in flats/boots/Uggs (it happened) and then changed into the trusty pair of heels I kept under my desk when I got to work. I'm not sure what happened, but when I started at AO, I stopped wearing heels for work. Part of this is that leaving my old job also coincided with the acceptance that my old faithful heels were in fact falling to pieces. But other than that I'm not sure why. Maybe it's that I work on the 2nd floor at work and spend a lot more time running up and down stairs than I did at my old job, or maybe it's because a lot of the girls don't really wear heels for work at AO and that our dress code is a little bit more relaxed, or maybe it's because the walk to the train station is just about doable in heels but still much more appealing in flats. Anyway, when I got these boots from Duo boots, they asked me to do a little day-to-night feature wearing them. Initially I was just going to wear them with a normal daytime outfit, but the reality is, I don't really wear heels at the weekend either! So because I spend most of my "day" time at work, I decided to pair them with an outfit I wear a lot for work. You might recognise this dress as the same as this one, but in blue. I also have it in orange. I've developed a real habit lately of buying the same thing in multiple colours. Hey, if you like something, why not?
dress- Topshop
blazer- Zara
necklace- Topshop
boots- c/o Duo Boots
And speaking of buying things in multiple colours... yes it's my beloved Jones and Jones Audrey dress. You might known I have it in red, black, white and yellow. I also got it in pink for my birthday! These dresses are my go-to for going out (and I've just seen they've got it in blue now, urgh, want) so I thought I would show you a real night outfit that I wear regularly! I quite like a girly dress with boots and a leather jacket and I think these boots will be much better for the cobbles of Manchester than stilettos! I also added my new favourite red lipstick. I copied Carrie and ordered this Sephora lip stain online. It does need a few touch ups throughout the day but it's definitely the longest-lasting lip colour I've tried!
dress- c/o Jones and Jones
leather jacket- Boohoo
On Friday I had the wedding of my oldest friend, Katy. Her Mum is my Godmother so we grew up together and it was lovely but so weird to see her getting married! Little Katy getting married! It was such a great day though. I always love a good wedding and because we are family friends we knew loads of people there. Plus Phil came in the evening so I got to introduce him to people and we had a dance and a laugh. And of course, we got the obligatory wedding photo:
And of course the "fun in the photobooth" photo:
It was so much fun and Katy looked beautiful. I'm really excited for her future with Jonny! On Saturday I had an unexpected lie-in and went for a long(ish!) run. I've got the Great Manchester Run in a few weeks (the first race I ever signed up for before I'd even started running!) which I'm like semi-training for but also just hoping to have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere. After this, no more racing til September! I need some time to really enjoy running for pleasure again. Last night I went out with two of the girls from work (actually my manger and my former manager!) and we went bowling, had some cocktails and went for tapas. It was a lovely evening! Today has been quiet. I made Phil and I shakshouka for the first time for brunch, and then we watched the Liverpool v Chelsea game through our fingers (Phil is a big Liverpool fan and I've really enjoyed following them lately cause I'm a Stockport County fan through and through, but we've been so shocking in recent years it's been nice to watch good football!) and then I left him alone to sulk afterwards! I've just had a delicious chickpea and peach curry for dinner, make African Sweet Potato stew for my lunches at work for the week and popped some Nutella protein bars in the fridge so I call that a successful Sunday! Now for pajamas and my book!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. I think both outfits look fantastic and those boots look great with both of them. I'm kind of in love with your adorable red dress in the second outfit. It's so so cute! Especially paired with the leather jacket.

  2. Loooooove these outfits! Especially the red dress, it is beautiful and suits you so well!

    Kirsten |

  3. cute outfit!!


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