I love co-ords, I really do. I love the look of a gorgeous little cropped tshirt with a matching pencil skirt, and the fact that you're basically adding three new items to your wardrobe- a skirt, a top and the dress-combo. The problem is co-ords really don't love me. I mean really don't love me. In the last two weeks I have purchased two sets of co-ords. Turns out, they look bloody hideous on me. Maybe it was the co-ords that I chose (both of the pencil skirts I chose were stupidly long and unflattering, and the tops were too long so any shape I had was hidden), but I feel like I've got them out of my system a bit. Well except for the tops. Both of which I kept. See I don't really have a lot of tops. I have a lot of blouses, but when it comes to tops I basically have tshirts or my well-loved black and white striped Primark tee. So I ended up with two separate pieces, just no separates. But while the skirt that matched this top was awful, the top itself is absolutely gorgeous. 
top- Oasis
skirt- Boohoo
shoes- Topshop
necklace- Topshop
lipstick- MAC Impassioned
Another new addition to my wardrobe is this skirt. I now have it in black, blue, pink and green. If I like something, I tend to buy it in multiple different colours. And especially when it's £8. This is actually the outfit I wore on Easter Sunday. I had a completely blissful Easter weekend where I really, totally and utterly relaxed. So much so that at work today when people asked me what I did this weekend I completely blanked. There has been a lot of running (I'm finally enjoying it again and getting my speed back up to where it was before my half marathon training, plus I LOVE my new trainers!), lots of yummy food (Phil and I went to Pieminister on Saturday. Ah-mazing) and a lot of napping! I also went to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 yesterday with Phil's parents, which I highly recommend!
Other than that, life is quiet, in a good way. Work is keeping me busy, but good busy. I absolutely love working in social media. Plus I have Katy's wedding on Friday-I can't wait!

Hope your Tuesday has been wonderful, especially when you've realised it's not Monday!

Charlotte x


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