Houndstooth and Mint

Wheee it's been a busy week. First full working week in a while! I absolutely love my new job though and it's so great to be in the city centre! On Monday it was lovely at lunchtime so I got to eat my lunch sat in Piccadilly Gardens. I absolutely love Manchester in the sun, and I'm not sure if the novelty of being able to pop to Topshop on my break is going to wear off any time soon, but my bank balance might take a bit of a hit! The people I work with are lovely and I already feel like I've been working there for ages- in a good way! It's the first time I've had a job where it's not entirely all brand new to me. I've worked in digital before, and worked in marketing before so it's been quite easy to pick up, which is a relief! Getting used to a new routine is a challenge though. For my first few days I worked 9am til 6pm, before realising that absolutely nobody in the office works past 5, so on Wednesday I swiftly asked if I could work 8am til 5pm like everybody else! It means my morning workouts are out of the window, as I would need to get up at 4.30am to do the hour-long month-two Insanity workouts before work, so I'm back to working out after work. I'm a total creature of habit and I love my morning workouts so I resisted for a while, but I have to accept that with a new job comes changes for me to adapt to and I just have to make things work. I'll go into more detail about this in my next Insanity post.
Haha major head tilt here!
trousers- Topshop
blouse- Boohoo
jacket- Topshop
ballet flats- Warehouse
Nearly everything in this outfit is new. Or new-ish. I've been living in both these trousers and this jacket lately, so it only made sense to put them together. This shirt is also my new favourite thing. It's just a white sleeveless shirt and I think it was only about £8, but it goes with everything. I've been a lot more selective about clothes shopping lately. I'm starting to prefer basics and quality pieces and I've send back a lot of cheap, "blah" dresses and boring tops. But boucle jackets and printed trousers are always good. I wore a version of this for my first day at work on Monday, but with my pink boucle jacket instead, which I think I prefer, and different shoes. I'll try to snap a photo of that at some point. Speaking of photos, I'm sorry these are a bit overexposed! Not sure how that happened but there were a proper nightmare to edit.
Well we've just booked our flights to Spain which is pretty exciting! Phil and I are going with my parents to our apartment and even though it's not til October I'm really excited. We're also only two weeks away from our trip to Whitby with Phil's parents! I've got a pretty quiet weekend ahead, which is what I need after my first working week, but I am having lunch tomorrow with my best friend Steph who just got back from 3 months travelling in South America! I talked to her all the time while she was away but I'm glad I've got her back now!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x

PS. Check out my colleague Natalie's blog too. She does awesome nail art!


  1. I love this combo.
    And it's so great that you're adapting easily to the new job!

    Joana x

  2. gorgeous outfit, love the pastel against the harsh black/white




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