Insanity: Reflections on Month 2

It's Bank Holiday Monday night. I've just got back from a perfect weekend in Whitby where the only exercise I did was walking and I ate everything from fish and chips to pizza to fudge and didn't track my calories once. I haven't done Insanity for three days.
And I've got my foot elevated on a chair with frozen peas resting on top.
Doing Insanity without shoes isn't advisable, and I knew my foot was starting to hurt from being on my tiptoes for everything from planks to push ups to various jumps and squats. I attempted the workouts with shoes one day last week and had to abandon them after a few minutes as they were getting stuck in the thick carpet. Big mistake.
I felt my foot go on Friday morning but struggled through. On Saturday, after a day of walking around York, it was worse. By Sunday my whole foot hurt, even more so because I had started to walk funny to compensate for the pain. And also because we did the longest 6 mile walk of my life, entirely up and downhill (I'm convinced it was more like 9 miles). 
And me being me, my first thought was "I can't have hurt my foot! I only have a week of Insanity left! I can't give up now and I've just signed up for a 10K in 4 weeks!"
Month two of Insanity is something else.
Don't get me wrong, month one is hard. But it's a walk in the part compared to month two.
Squat pushups.
Power pushups.
Full body drills.
Side burpees.
I even struggled through the warm up for the first few days.
It's tough.
I can see how many people told me they gave up after a few days of month two. Add to that the fact that working 8-5pm has meant that I've had to start working out after work instead of my usual early morning.
This also means I've had to move days around a lot more to accommodate after-work plans, and summon the motivation to get straight home from work, straight into my workout gear and straight into my workout.
Sitting down is deadly.
But I do like finishing my workout and diving straight into the shower and then eating dinner in my pajamas. I feel I can push harder when I don't have anything to do afterwards. It also means I have more time, not that mad rush of a morning workout.
And I can't be sure, but I do sometimes think I have more energy in the afternoon than in the morning.
The extra circuit and extra 20 minutes don't bother me. An hour of month two workouts doesn't seem much more than 40 minutes of month one.
And the circuits seem to go:  Circuit One- what am I doing again? Circuit Two- Oh right, got it. Circuit Three- Ah it's my last round!
I've also been modifying some moves. Power pushups are impossible for me, so I just do burpees or press ups, and Level 3 drills are a joke, so I do Level 2 drills instead.
I've got a week to go and I am just about starting to get bored, but I know I only have a week left and I can see the progression of my strength and how much harder I can push each workout. While in month one my calorie burn varied wildly, I've managed to get it more consistent in month two, and I can easily push myself to burn over 10 calories a minute.
Except in my most hated workout, Max Recovery.
I've been a little more flexible this month, but that's mostly necessity rather than choice.
Last week I ended up moving my rest day, which meant I ended up with 9 days of workouts in a row (no wonder I hurt my foot!) and was pretty fatigued by day 7. Muscle fatigue and tiredness has been a bit more of an issue this month. I've been achey and I've been sore, but I've also been glad of this because it feels like it's working.
I moved the fit test last week and had a brutal double-workout day, but I unexpectedly aced the fit test, even if my workout straight after suffered.
I've missed two workouts and a rest day this weekend through being away, so tomorrow I'll be completing those workouts, included my missed rest day. If I stick to the plan and my foot doesn't give me too much trouble (I'm going to modify anything that hurts me), I should be finishing off the programme next Wednesday, after nine brilliant weeks.
And what's next? Well another reason why I was worried about my foot was that I've signed up for this year's Stockport 10K which is only 4 weeks away. I knew I didn't have time to lose any Insanity time because I need time to train for the race, especially after not running properly since June. 
My foot has had more of  rest today, thanks to a three and a half hour car journey, and plenty of elevation and ice, so fingers crossed I can keep going tomorrow and finish next week.
I've loved Insanity and I'm going to miss it, but I've been looking through my Focus T25 DVDs and I'm planning to integrate them into my running routine and it looks intense! I can't wait!
Getting back into running is going to be a challenge but I have to remind myself how much I love to run and that the whole point of Insanity was to make me a faster runner.
I hope it has!


  1. Hi, I am the total opposite, working out in trainers really hurts me, I do everything in bare feet and use yoga sock on the treadmill at the gym. Well done for finishing Insanity, I have went through it 3 times and I have to admit Ive never gotten past day 44 so well done!! I have T25 and I have to say its sooooo much better then Insanity, I have stuck at it longer but the results are not as good but it works better for me as I can also do other workouts too along side it, like you I miss running when doing Insanity. Good Job!! Hope your foot gets better.

  2. Hope your foot gets better soon, lovely. Well done on getting so far though! You've got a lot more dedication than I ever would x


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